Sunday, April 04, 2010

Astrology News for April 2010 by James Jarvis

All Times = MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)

With Venus in Taurus this month, 4/1-25, the focus is on loving your body and appreciating your sensuality. Give your body the gift of massage, a relaxing hot tub, a great hug session with your beloved or with your friends. Open your heart to loving and accepting your body just the way it is.

Use Mercury in Taurus 4/2-6/10 to help you formulate your values and then construct a plan for implementing these values into your life. Thinking/sensate type personalities can make lists of things to do and then prioritize them. For intuitive/feeler types, let your intuition and imagination take over so you gradually build a road map on how to get to your destination.

The new moon at 24 degrees Aries 4/14, (5:29 a.m.) supports you in speaking out about what you need for emotional fulfillment. Moon in Aries calls you to bring full awareness to your needs so you can be present and authentic with others.

Mercury retrograde 4/17-5/10 (8:57 pm) at 12 degrees Taurus helps us to see, through external events, at what level our Mercury function (or throat chakra) is operating. If our communication skills are lacking in any area this will be more than apparent when Mercury goes retrograde. Mercury retrograde is a call for greater impeccability in our lives in the areas of speaking, writing, self-expression and following through on our word.

Saturn in Virgo opposition Uranus retrograde in Pisces 4/17-26, challenges you to balance change with the current status quo. Resistance to change is futile so it's best to see where you need to change and go with it. It could be an opportunity for the conservatives (Saturn) and the liberals (Uranus) to figure out how to really work with rather than oppose each other as well.

As the Sun shifts into Taurus on 4/19 (9:30 pm) you are asked to define and solidify your core values. By clarifying what it is that you truly value, you create guideposts that support you in daily life. Without knowledge of your core values you are like the ship without a rudder - adrift at sea!

With Venus in Gemini from 4/24-5/20, it's time to make connections with friends and family that haven't heard from you in a while. If you've wanted to connect with someone but have been concerned about what they'll think or how you might look, then this is a great time to just let your heart do the talking!

Communicating what you need to feel bonded emotionally and physically is highlighted with the full Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio on 4/28 (5:20 a.m.) The challenge this month is to acknowledge your need for bonding even though you may feel vulnerable, or fear that others might reject you if you look too needy.

James Jarvis, M.A. (Counseling Psychology) is a master vocational astrologer, career and marketing coach and self-improvement counselor. Through his international astrology, coaching and counseling practice, James has helped thousands of people draw out and productively use their inherent gifts and talent. For those who want support in discovering, clarifying and manifesting their vision and life purpose, James is available for astrological, career & marketing coaching sessions by phone. To schedule phone consultations call toll-free (866) 851-2906, or e-mail:

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