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Jupiter Aligns with the Sun ~ March 4, 2010

By Philip Sedgwick

Jupiter Splashes ~ 4 March 2010
Last weekend the Sun aligned with Jupiter. This occurs every 398.88 days or once every year and a month and a few days change. During these conjunctions we feel the impulses of the two largest objects in the solar system in the same place at the same time. It's a big push.

In reality, the Sun creates the most major influence in astrology. It is 99.8% of the physical stuff in the solar system (as we know our solar system to be at present). In fact, the Sun is one of the most powerful transits for a number of reasons, depending upon what criterion one references. It's centrality to Earth and its life support of Earth place it above all other solar system bodies. It is the most massive body exerting a whopping gravitational influence - though arguably the moon is stronger - the Sun applies a squeeze of about 46% of the gravity exerted by the Moon. It is the nearest and most potent source of emanations, including gamma and ultra violet radiation and x-rays. Its emanations directly impact our weather and affect satellite communication (and thus cell phone and TV). It is honored in all indigenous traditions as a primary deity or the giver of life.

Jupiter, our largest planet (unless there's something amazing out in the realm of Sedna - unlikely), carries the astrological significance of embellishing, amplifying, intensifying, exaggerating, hyperbolizing, maximizing and accelerating. Everything he touches he indiscriminately enlarges. Symbolically, as the lord of the lords, he is the most significant planetary transit.

When the Sun and Jupiter take center celestial stage together, oh my! The effects were clearly witnessed last weekend with the earthquake and tidal wave in Chile, and waves of other extreme news stories. Is there a massive earthquake every Sun-Jupiter conjunction? No. Should we expect increased news intensity during a Sun-Jupiter pattern? Yes.

Jupiter now accelerates, increasing speed as he approaches his perihelion which results on March 17th, 2011. Does this suggest Jupiter is more intense when closest to perihelion? According to sun-centered thinking, yes. Are the conjunctions to the Sun when Jupiter is in the sign of perihelion and adjacent signs more potent? It makes sense as a theory, but the mundane results remain untested.

Isn't all of this after the fact? Jupiter and the Sun aligned last weekend. Actually, we're still riding the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun and lingering effects remain. Certainly a review of what stood center stage in your mind - above and beyond live coverage from Hawaii of when a tsunami was expected - would be of great benefit. What else was up? In theory, whatever was in your cross hairs received potent planetary fertilizer and most likely will sprout up around you soon.

So in the spirit of not being fooled twice, let's examine what's next up with Jupiter. Come Sunday, Mercury aligns with Jupiter. Yeah, big woop, right? Mercury is the smallest of the terrestrial planets and so close to the Sun that rarely can he be seen. So?

Let us recall that Mercury frequently did Jupiter's bidding. Jupiter dispatched Mercury to sort the unpleasantries between Demeter and Hades (Ceres and Pluto) regarding the abduction of Core (Persephone). To accomplish this and other assignments, Mercury received a free range hall pass in and out of the Underworld. That's kind of cool and no doubt handy. When Jupiter decided not to get involved in sorting out the lingering effects of when the snubbed Eris tossed a golden apple to the feet of the goddesses, Jupiter dispatched Mercury to provide the Paris judging guidelines. Also involving Eris, Jupiter deployed Mercury to issue a hypothetical bet to the ruler of Mycanae, Thyestes, who did not hold Jupiter's favor. Mercury asked Thyestes if he would surrender his throne to Atreus, should the Sun rise in the west. Forgetting that Mercury was the trickster and in the employ of Jupiter, Thyestes agreed. Silly boy. Then with the goddess of discord, Eris, Jupiter flipped the solar system's motion into reverse for a day. No doubt, Mercury watched from the sidelines, snickering.

Come next weekend, right before that highly anticipated redirection of Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are more in cahoots than normal courtesy of a connection between the two. This appears to be a good thing... a direct line of sight and communication between lord Jupiter and his messenger Mercury. Regardless of the headlines of this next weekend, what can each of us make from this splash? Hopefully, a lot.

Here's a to-do list that matches up with the energy of this alignment:
Go back and recall what you were pondering last weekend. Notice what issues stood largest in your mind, whether inspired by reactions to global events or the itching on the inside of the psyche.

Go back a few weeks, considering what you wanted, desired, craved maybe even lusted to obtain around February 16th, when Venus and Jupiter aligned.
Combine the above set of realizations for a wish list with a renewed philosophical platform about what you have and want as contrasted with what your psychology believes you deserve.

Create a batch of personal press releases that state your latest accomplishments, intended course of action and plans that involve others in your life. Send them out with the expectation that if you put it out there, you have a far larger chance of response than if you keep your aspirations secret and hidden.

Be clear when presenting opportunities to others. Define all terms and conditions with incredible clarity. This alignment is in Pisces, and if given half a chance, "things" may become muddied with a lack of clarity, projection of expectation, any lack of forthright communication and small print/hidden terms. This is no time for invisible of disappearing ink. Resist the temptation to play the role of trickster unless you have a firm grasp of Jupiter (and Pluto).

Issue affirmations of your conscious intentions, expecting this to remain in play until March of 2011 when Mercury and Jupiter align next as seen from Earth. We'll deal with a three-fold pattern of Mercury to Jupiter next year while discussing all the manifestations of Jupiter's closest approach to the Sun.

Stir the pot. Notice in your psychic stew the combination of perkiness, optimism, cheerfulness and open arms that intend to embrace positive results as they return. Dispatch your divinity. Make a big splash. Jupiter and his spokesperson lead the press conference.

Okay folks, no better time than with planets aligned with Jupiter to sit down with an astrological planning session. Check out the reports and the Galactic Trilogy CD on my site, too.

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