Monday, March 15, 2010

Chiron, Neptune, Vernal Equinox and More ~ 15 March 2010

By Philip Sedgwick

By accident I recently encountered another manifestation of the Chiron to Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. In as much as Aquarius intends to bring us all together and Neptune seeks to get everyone into the stew of humankind and aid humankind toward greater insight and consciousness, and given that Aquarius implies devices and systems electronic, this all amalgamates to sound like the presumed goal of the Internet. Add Chiron's ability to present something that's good for you and bad for you at the same time (like soaking up the rays of the Sun, using certain herbs to heal, cell phones), the Internet again comes to mind. True, we can now communicate with virtually everyone at any time at the speed of electrons and/or satellite signals - solar eruptions notwithstanding. We can more easily book travel, shop, pay bills and visit some quite cool astrological sites.

At the same time, the Internet has degraded work place productivity, created a way for people to post scathing opinions anonymously and create pseudo-identities. A rash of agenda-driven websites claim to be serving humankind with their lobbyist-ridden backing. Every week more and more links to YouTube "must sees" enter my mail box, as do invites to a number of new social networking sites guaranteed to specifically meet my demographic. The list of time consuming, negative clutter from the Internet thing I'd be chagrined not to have, now grows exponentially. With smart Internet phones bad drivers are worse. Sites like Chat Roulette (save time and do not go there) pollute the airwaves. Then there are all those damn solicitation e-mails that tell you why something about you is inadequate without what their superior stuff offers. All this works to inflame the less than ideal side of Chiron. And I still maintain that Eris, goddess of discord, with an extra sensitive button regarding inclusion, remains agitated and annoyed by the inclusion-exclusion criterion of social networking sites. Along this line, when Facebook shuts down the page of a poodle wearing a tin cap because the pooch competes with a polarizing radio and television pundit for more friends, things are askew.

I have discovered Internet Fatigue (why this Galactic Times is later than my usual regularity). It makes sense that a wave of Intener Fatigue is hitting us all about now as this new malady appears to align with signatures of Chiron, Neptune and Aquarius. In the past days I've heard from colleagues who have needed to take extended breaks from posting, blogging, column writing and updating their multitude of social pages. Others have ceased sending e-zine newsletters altogether. When you spend a significant part of your week fussing over site hits, blog stats, fighting the Internet itch of needing to post something groovy and interesting more than frequently, a lamentable chunk of time gets munched out of your week. I'm there. Maybe you are too. Can you be bothered with all the must see links sent your way? What about the feel good/good luck-bad luck chain letters, which are against terms of service of many Internet providers? Still forwarding all those to the required number of people? Or the latest Sasquatch video? Or the new proof that Nibiru has been found (no such thing) complete with the new batch of 2012 fear-riddled proclamations that we're already neck deep in doom dodo?

A reasonable life-reclaiming protocol for the Neptune-Chiron conjunction might be one of reviewing what use of the Internet is truly purposeful and what elements are not. After that, perhaps it's time to set our sites on the next mini-cycle planet cycle that is starting now.

Over the next days the Sun and Mercury augment the square of Uranus to the Galactic Center. Without a doubt, insights and advancing ideas appear virtually out of thin air to those who sit with these energies in conscious contemplation. There's no need for going into a trance or diving into a three-hour meditation. A few intervals of open receptivity to what wants to come in will do the trick. A couple fifteen minute intervals of time a day might be all it takes. And with the reduction of those non purposeful surf hours on the web, the beams of galactic energy can more readily be surfed. As noted in previous GT's, Uranus and Jupiter continue to be extra busy with the Galactic Center very strongly through next January. And as we'll see later in the year, everyone alive will enjoy a transit of Jupiter to the "set life on its ear and make it better than ever" urges of Eris between November of this year and May of next year. Everyone alive has the same transit within seven months! A transit geared to reverse whatever undesirable momentum exists and set a renewed, improved life course. With the ongoing insights of the Galactic Center developing in one's being, this Jupiter-Eris thing just might kick in.

As the equinox arrives, spring and autumnal fever accompanies it. Later this week the Sun and Mercury blow on the glowing ember of Venus in the evening sky. From there they look forward to bonding with the bonding-sensitive Eris (over the next three weeks), fanning a fervor for getting on with it - whatever it is - builds. Critical to this process is a sensitive Aries matter. Be strong and centered within yourself when venturing forth with life pioneering steps. Get that first step right. In fact, on the 19th Mercury triggers this effect, followed by a salvo from the Sun's on the 23rd. This influence occurs as these bodies align with the Super-Galactic Center. This is a supermassive galactic black hole complex that slowly devours more than 30 galaxies, including our own. At roughly 2 Libra (the point varies slightly depending upon what one defines as its core, of which there are multiple right answers) this powerful vortex brings to our attention the ultimate in soul mate consciousness. Yep, bond your soul with the physicality of your being, exclusive of anyone else's influence. When that's done, kindred souls can gravitate into your consciousness complex and participate with you without impinging on your spirit's essential aspirations.

This re-anchoring step stands hugely important because the solar system's largest body opposes the Super Galactic Center at the same time that Chiron stands with Neptune. Chiron, if feeling diminished, maligned, attacked, wounded, accused, degraded, decimated or defamed is inclined to slip out of body. An ungrounded state of being results and when exacerbated by Neptune, a lack of focus coincides with the displacement of one's center.

Perhaps then, the short interval between the 19th and the 23rd, bracketing the potency of the equinox may be used for personal realignment. Releasing tethers to those things that consume one's sense of self becomes the ticket. Clearing the psyche from blog tallies, social networking friend counts and e-mails received as a sense of being furthers this effort. As does reaffirming an irrefutable sense of personal excellence and impeccability of effort.

Are you ready? It's time to migrate from Internet Fatigue into spirit supercharging and then into the excitation of Equinox Fever.

As I personally reset my relationship with the Internet and all it entails, there may be a slight slowdown in the frequency of these Galactic Times. I'm not going to work for scheduling a once a week post, retreating instead to a position of writing when a worthy inspiration wave hits my shores. As well, I'd like to offer my consultation services and astrological reports (the personal report especially useful during transits to the Super Galactic Center) without implying any deficiency in your being. These features can be used to enhance what you're processing while implying that you may have no need for an ongoing transformational process. Two notes on consultations. My work focus is shifting and I am entering a pre-production phase on a script project. While I am available for consultations, time will become more of a strategic scheduling matter. Second, after wrestling with this for a long time, it has become clear that a fee structure adjustment is necessary. This will take place sometime in May. I'll keep you advised. But sooner is better than later, especially to secure the current pricing schedules.

The blogs I have been writing for the Matrix site will go on semi-hiatus. I'll write when there are new discoveries to report or when an irresistible topic arises and less regularly than before. However, there are some really good pieces archived in that location.

Below are links for the Norwac conference in Seattle this May as well as The River of Stars - to be held on the Big Island of Hawaii next January. Tell them I sent you their way. For those of you attending Norwac, I am scheduling a limited number of consultations including on May 27th, the Thursday preceding the conference. Please book early.

All these resets are necessary to prevent my own case of Internet fatigue. So I'll also apply a few new e-mail rules. Please do not send any form of chain e-mail. These are outside the terms of service of my agreement with my Internet provider. Please do not forward You Tube videos, PowerPoint presentation links or html links. And please understand, I'll not respond to any e-mail in which there is no identifiable name. Finally, to be fair to my clients, I cannot answer general or personal astrological questions for non-clients. Okay and really finally, I will not post the entire contents of my Galactic Trilogy CD on my website for free downloading, but thanks for asking. I appreciate your understanding and here's to a return to the effective use of this massive Internet contraption.

Another invigorating GT will be headed your way soon. Thanks for your continued interest.

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