Friday, February 26, 2010

Full Moon Forecast for Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010

By Archie Dunlop

Doesn't the lunar cycle fly when you're enjoying yourself? It seems only a few days ago that I was writing about the Valentine's Day New Moon, which ushered in the Year of the Tiger.

The Full Moon in now upon us, as you'll notice if you look up a the night sky. The white disk is rapidly forming, and on February 28 at 4.38 pm GMT the Full Moon will be exact. That's 11.38 am in New York, 8.38 am in Los Angeles, 6.38 pm in Athens, 10.08 pm in Mumbai.

As a rule, I regard Full Moons as being less fortunate than New Moons. There can be a lot of stress, as well as a certain feeling that some of the things around us are past their sell-by date.

Though one must remember that Full Moons are frequent events, happening once a month. So there are limits to how bad they can be and we certainly shouldn't obsess about them.

As far as the February 28 Full Moon is concerned, it's in the tenth degree of Virgo. To be precise, the Sun is at 9 degrees 59 minutes Pisces and the Moon is at 9 degrees 59 minutes Virgo.

When you've got a Pisces-Virgo Full Moon there's a often a dichotomy between chaos and order. We try our best to sort out our lives, and create a nice routine for ourselves, but circumstances beyond our control threaten to sweep away our hard work.

There's also a danger of massive hypocrisy. People who claim to have their lives in order, who condemn other people's sloppiness, are perhaps hiding a guilty secret. We then get the symbol of a house that's immaculate, with clean white carpets, that's built on a rotten, stinking sewer, that's about to explode.

Yet the thing that's really special about this Full Moon is the position of Jupiter. At the time of the Full Moon it's at 9 degrees 48 minutes Pisces, very close to the position of the Sun, and almost exactly 180 degrees from the Moon. So one might expect this Full Moon to have an influence that's very tied up with the symbolism of Jupiter. And this influence is likely to last a fortnight, until the New Moon on March 15.

Overall I feel that some of the negative characteristics of Jupiter will manifest. Exaggeration, going over the top, being overly defensive about one's political and religious opinions. And because the Moon is in Virgo, a concern about small details could drive people round the bend.

On a more mundane level, we have to be careful about accidents that are caused by the overloading of mechanical systems. So if we use something beyond its specifications, we mustn't be surprised if there's a big bang.

Also, there is an increased chance of violence, because the Full Moon will encourage people to take drastic action for the sake of their beliefs.

However we're only talking about possibilities, and as I've already said, Full Moons are frequent events, that for most of us pass without incident.

Archie Dunlop is a professional astrologer residing in the UK. He has written books on astrology and has taught the subject at all levels. In his work he uses both Eastern and Western techniques, and he has a particular interest in politics and economics. To get an idea of Archie's approach to astrology, and to read his regular commentary, please visit his website, at

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