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January 16-31, 2010 Horoscopes by Arlene Nimark

Between the time I wrote my forecast for the first part of January 2010 and now, there was a major earthquake in Port-au-Prince Haiti and no one was able to see it coming. On the day it had occurred, there was a Sun Venus conjunct and Venus was conjunct the eclipse. That combination does not indicate disaster, and this is manifesting in seeing the best in humanity coming out -- nations putting aside their political differences and working side by side, helping the suffering, and injured.

I had mentioned Venus, and many of you know that Venus has to do with love, money and art. What some of you don't know is that Venus has to do with greed, and it holds a prominent position in events where death occurs, because Venus also has to do with being at rest and at peace. The solar eclipse is part of a planetary picture of solar eclipse, Venus + Uranus = Neptune. This day something suddenly occurred that no one could have foreseen, bringing out tremendously the best in mankind.

Friday, January 15th, we finally see the end of another Mercury retrograde as Mercury goes direct today. Be careful as Mars will be 15 fixed, which is the cardinal axis, and anger and rage are the name of the game on this day. As the solar eclipse falls midpoint the Mars, cardinal axis combo and the Mercury station direct there will definitely be a major eye opener because at the same time Pluto + Mercury station direct = Saturn station retrograde, setting up a formula for problems and trouble in the world.

Saturday, January 16th, is a day to stay in bed with an ice pack and a hot water bottle as the Sun will be 22½ to Pluto. It's a day of change, and we have seen enough change for now. It is a good thing that this is a weekend day as Venus squares Apollon and both are 22½ to Saturn indicating separation and hibernation, not a good day to expand business ventures.

Sunday, January 17th, Jupiter changes sign and is at the midpoint of Sun and Hades. This is a day when the expression "different as day and night" is at work. The day is spent in service and the evening involved in or perusing romance or romantic adventures.

Monday, the 18th of January, will be a very good day as Venus + Jupiter = cardinal axis, good for money, and Sun + Jupiter = Mars, a good business day for those whose businesses will be open. For those who have the day off, it's a time to take a moment to look at the sky and the trees and contemplate on your life, as Sun will be 22½ to Mercury.

Tuesday, January 19th, and it's back to work for everyone. As the Sun + Jupiter = 0 cardinal a good day will be had by many. But be very careful, trouble is lurking, as Sun will be tied to Mercury, Saturn and Pluto by a 22½ aspect. There is bad money news about to emerge. The news out of the Haiti disaster will grow worse, especially pertaining to the death count as Mars + Hades = Nodes.

Wednesday, January 20th, Neptune squares Admetos and will be 22½ to both, deception and loses that can leave you depressed. Do not spend the extra money you've got or have saved. Put it away for the rainy day that is coming. Count your change and examine all bills received today. Be very careful of what you drink, keep your alcohol intake to a minimum.

Thursday, January 21st, Sun + Venus = Neptune and 45 to Cupido, a day we will be hearing about an increase in number of foreclosures. The money is not there for extras even if your checkbook says the opposite. Whenever Neptune is involved with a money planet like Venus be very careful as to what you spend or whom you trust.

Friday, the 22nd of January, Sun is 22½ for Neptune, a good day for meditating. Music and dancing is what this Neptunian energy should be used for. On the business end, Mercury + 0 cardinal = Saturn/Pluto. The news in the financial world is not very good. Most of the travel news will be about the Haitian air lifts and rescues missions.

Saturday, January 23rd. Rest and relax today and do something that turns you on and inspires your creative juices, as Venus will be 22½ to Zeus. Sun will be 22½ to Cupido. Take an art class or visit a museum with those whose company you enjoy.

Sunday, the 24th of January, Mercury will be on the lunar eclipse degree. Be careful of what you say and to whom you say it. With this planetary configuration, if you say the wrong thing to the wrong person it may be the last thing you say to them, a friendship can be over. Since Neptune and Mercury will be semi-squaring each other and bringing in the lunar eclipse, don't drive if you don't have to. Mercury Neptune is confused mind. Add the lunar eclipse and the problem that could occur will be monumental.

Monday, January 25th, Venus will be 45 to Uranus, unstable money conditions, and fickle hearted romances. If you have met someone new online, the chemistry might not have longevity. Don't rush to meet before you get to know each other, and take your time getting to know each other's likes and dislikes first. Remember Mars is still retrograde.

Tuesday, January 26th. Venus and Mars will be opposite each other today. You will either love it or hate it with no in-between. Whether it be a person or an object, chemistry is chemistry -- especially since the Sun + Venus, Mars = Uranus. What you fell in love with today you will fall out of love with tomorrow, or the day after.

On the 27th of January, there can be trouble in paradise as Venus and Mars will be at the midpoint of Uranus and Hades. Relationships born out of love and caring can turn ugly. These relationships can be at work or political, friendships, etc. People can turn on each other. Saturn, Pluto + Nodes = Mercury. Be careful of what you say out of anger or frustration. You can be opening a Pandora's box.

Then on the 28th, friends can turn to enemies if not careful, as Sun + Mars = Uranus. At the same time Mercury is 22 ½ to Uranus/Cupido. There can be a sudden proposal that can cause a negative reaction from someone due to jealousy. What I am trying to say is that if you value your relationships, all relationships, be very careful January 27th through the 29th. On those three days many people will be walking on thin ice without knowing it.

On the 29th, the Sun Mars opposition will be 45 to Uranus, and you should be very conscious in driving today. If you plan to go skiing, put it off till Sunday when Mars moves away from the semi-square to Uranus. Mars Uranus hard aspect combos can mean an accident ready to happen. In the evening, Uranus + Saturn, Pluto = 0 cardinal + Hades = Venus, the financial picture in the world will not be pretty. The conditions in Haiti will most likely get worse, as the criminal actions increase.

January 30th begins with a full moon, making a 22½ to Jupiter, and can manifest in two ways: the problem can feel larger than life, or the Jupiter can make what appears to be a negative, turn positive. Do not make promises you may not be able to keep after the Sun Jupiter aspect passes. Mercury will be 22½ to Uranus, promises may be broken and word given can be taken back. All agreements made now should be put in writing. Meet with friends tonight for a low key, inexpensive and fun night that is close to home.

January 31st has Saturn squaring Pluto. Do not spend money unless necessary. There is a larger negative financial picture at work as Saturn, Pluto + Hades = Venus. Uranus + Hades = Sun, a day in which danger lurks in the shadows, so don't do anything that has an element of danger connected to it, like fixing an electric wire if you are not an electrician.

Author Arlene Marcia Nimark is, and has been a full time astrologer since 1980. She has a level IV certification from NCGR, and is on the faculty of New York City Chapter of NCGR. Since 1982 her specialty is in Uranian astrology. She is one of the few who use the full system, 360 degree with it's multiple house systems for intense analysis of the individual, and forecast with the use of the 90 degree dial. Arlene has lectured at UAC' 92, 95, 98, 02 and 08, plus many local as well as National NCGR conferences, the SOTA conference in Toronto, Canada, and at some AFA conferences. She has also done numerous workshops through out the USA, and Mexico using this dynamic system of astrology.

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