Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aquarius 2010

By Sharita Star

Aquarius organizes the element of air as it expresses itself as the last Fixed Sign upon the Zodiac Wheel. While our Sun journeys through the innovative energy of the Water Bearer, we now deepen into the coldest part of winter.

With eclectic Uranus as Aquarius's ruler, this month urges our intellect to gravitate to brainstorming, humanitarian acts, and honing in on uniqueness! If the norm has been re-established, you can be sure an Aquarian has been behind the scenes, as they innately know how to consciously aim for individuality while bringing new life to all they touch.

Mercury catches up with our Sun on February 10th after its recent REtrograde in Capricorn. Perceptions for the next couple of weeks until March 1st are quite penetrating and well-drilled. The Messenger takes on accurate, agreeable, and witty methods of expression while reinventing thought processes. Take note of the Aquarian piece of your Zodiac Pie to see where some out-of-the blue, clever, and comprehensive ideas can flourish.

Venus enters tender and peaceful Pisces on February 11. As the planet of values and romance travels with The Fishes (Pisces) until March 7, the collective can expect affections to be devoted, easily swayed, and yielding, while being aware of escaping to indiscriminate, inert, and abject affections. Checking where the Piscean house in your chart affects you is where you can expect a boost of compassion to be your guide in attaining some needed harmony.

As always under an Aquarian Sun and near the New Moon, we join together in welcoming another Chinese New Year, February 14th. 2010 celebrates The Tiger, Metal Year, wherein the collective can expect radical and courageous changes from the Universe's initiations from 2009's Ox Year. In the intricate link of East to West, the Pisces house where Jupiter is currently transiting in your natal birth chart indicates the area of life on a personal level that blessings and good fortune have the ultimate potential to emerge during the assertive and humanitarian Tiger Year ahead.

As tolerance is asked of us all, may you find altruism as your guiding light to co-ordinate new life in the Universe's request for reform.

Astrologer Sharita Star has been a student of the planets and all of the mysteries of our universe since the age of 7. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis for readings and party services. She can be contacted through her website at While residing between New York City and Chatham, NY, she is currently finishing her first book, and hosting her own radio show, 'What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number!' Her blog is

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