Friday, December 04, 2009

December Venus Horoscope

By Nic Gaudette

Venus is the ruler of love. What she's doing can help show what's going to happen in that part of life. This horoscope focuses on Venus and what she'll be doing for you. Just remember this is not a personalized scope, so things may not be exact, but if you know your rising sign, read that sign for a more accurate view. Enjoy!

At the start of December, you'll get more pleasure from expanding your mind, and if you're a college student (or have your eye on a professor), you may find luck on your side. On the 1st, watch your emotions in relationships. Mid-month, you'll have loving feelings, and after Christmas, you may find love at work. The 28th is an ooh-la-la day. Don't fight with your honey New Year's Eve.

Venus will bring you a surge in your sexuality the first 3 ½ weeks of the month. The 5th, 10th, and 15th could be highlighted, and the 20th is your sexy day. You may meet someone on a trip for Christmas that makes you want a 'real' relationship.

An ease in your relationships comes with December. The first weekend of the month will be a good time for a romantic rendezvous. The 10th through 21st should be great, and for Christmas you may want to unwrap someone. New Year's Eve brings an abundance of lovin'.

Come December, you may be crushing on a coworker. By mid-month, you may be a little frustrated, but your chances improve after Christmas. You'll be feeling the love on the 28th.

You'll be a social butterfly in December, going out and looking for love. Though you may hit a snag the 19th, the 20th will be a great day for a date. The 21st will be best for spending the day in bed with someone else. Don't waste it! You'll be down for more earthy pleasure after Christmas.

You'll probably find that your home is full of love in December. Single? Have a family member set you up. The 17th will be a fabulous date night, where your sexuality and sensuality will be in synch. You could easily find yourself in something great, falling hard after Christmas.

If you want to meet someone then take a class, meet some of your siblings' friends, ask a neighbor if they know anyone for you, or sign up for some online dating. You'll find your communications go more smoothly and you don't trip over your words as much. The 17th will be a great date day, and you'll want to spend the holidays cozied up at home.

You'll want to spend money on loved ones - don't spend too much. The 21st will be a stellar day for meeting someone or going out. After Christmas, your thoughts will drift to love more than before.

December will find you looking lovelier than you have in a while. People will be drawn to you. Mid-month is great for love and lust, and your self-esteem and confidence will be on the rise by the end of the month.

A secret crush or romance could be on your mind in December. Why so shy? Stay with it, take it slow, and by the holiday it could go public. The 15th could be your best day, so save your energy.

In December, you may find a friend that you want to be more than a friend. You'll keep it mum until after the New Year, preferring the slow burn. As they say, good things come to those who wait.

Office romance could be the name of the game - just make sure if it's the boss that they're a) single and b) won't fire you. Passions flare the 15th, and you'll be a rolling boil by New Year's Eve.

About the Author: Nic Gaudette has been studying astrology for 7 1/2 years and has given nearly 1,000 readings. Find her site at, or follow her blog at

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