Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturn Squares Pluto Transit Starts Nov. 2009

Saturn Squares Pluto and We Will Have to Face Big Challenges and Changes

By Shakti Carola Navran

The other highlights of this week are: Scorpion Sun Squares Jupiter, Sun Trine Uranus, Sun Squares Neptune, Mercury enters Sagittarius. We have plenty of action in the stars and many good reasons to tune it with the universal energies to gain understanding of what the heck is going on. Also the Sun is still in Scorpio adding to the intensity of the moment.

Saturn Square Pluto is one of the Major Culmination Points in our Recent History.

The exact Square is between Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn which will be Sunday November 15, 2009. This is a major cultural turning point, challenge and start into an unraveling of structures in our society we all have dreaded since the financial markets meltdown started and the economy started to fall apart on us. Each one of us is impacted as an individual and called to action with adjustments in our personal lives.

All the abuse of power, driven by greed by people in Wall Street and big corporations is being exposed and needs to be looked at. I think you all agree that drastic change is needed. Right now we are facing the high point of the first wave of destruction of the old power structures with this astrological constellation. The second one will be on January 31 and the third in August 21, 2010.

Do Not Lose Hope
We have to buckle up for a long intense ride into the shadowy dark side, exposing the secret dirty life of our government, corporate world and society. It is hard to face that extent of corruption, dysfunction and greed. Personally: it makes me sick and depressed to watch the news. I only skim the highlights online to keep informed. I try to keep my focus on good things happening and there are many of those as well.

Many say that we are nearing the changes of 2012 and this process we are undergoing will either launch us into a new level of consciousness-based on oneness and living life from the higher perspective of a flowering heart, or we will be the dinosaurs who make place for a different form of consciousness of life in its endless forms. And I tend to agree.

Life is Indestructible
Have you ever seen an old stump of a cut down dead tree sprouting again? Or grass growing out of a paved street? Or a tree growing out of a wall of sheer rock in the mountains? Have you ever wondered about the amazing life force we are surrounded with? Life is such an indestructible force and it takes all these different forms. We as humans are just one form life takes out of many infinite expressions. And we think we are the most evolved version of consciousness on this planet. How do we measure that? Maybe we are not the pinnacle of evolution?

In the bigger picture we are just this tiny little speck of a planet in this vast universe neighboring other universes. Life and consciousness is limitless and forever and we are part of that. And we are living in this amazing time now where humankind as a whole is asked to step up into the next level of evolution, beyond the instinctual level of survival and domination of the strongest and fittest driven by the ego.

Newer research has proven Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest is wrong. The species which is working together for the highest good of the whole has the best rate of survival. And the highest good for the whole is based on how well we take care of the weakest members of our species.

What Can You do?
On a personal level you can do a lot. You can make sure you live your life from the level of kindness and love you wish for this world. You can make choices by asking yourself: What would love do?

And you can examine your own life structures and become aware for where you hold on to rigid old structures instead of allowing change and transformation to happen easily. Your resistance and struggle is what creates the pain and suffering.

Most of you have enormous power to influence the dynamics of economy by your choices of where and for what you are spending your money. Buy local, support your own community and the small businesses instead of The Wal-Marts. Spend your money on organic products from farmers close by. Support green technology with your dollars. Drive your old car a little longer and then trade it for an electric car or other new technology. Save on electricity and water as much as you can by being smart.

The Berlin Wall Came Down 20 Years ago to the Day - A Miracle
The wall came down with Jupiter opposing Saturn, Venus and Neptune and a Moon square to Saturn in Capricorn. Moon is the people and mass consciousness. Jupiter is the expanding urge for freedom and a deeper sense of truth to live from. Venus the Goddess of love was softening Saturn with a conjunction. And Neptune is connected with our deepest truth of oneness. Saturn in his own sign if Capricorn was crystallizing into his most rigid and inflexible position and facing the anger of people inspired by many years of oppression and occupation by a foreign reign. When structures are at their most rigid, they crumble easier.

Real change is always working its way from the ground up by people changing their consciousness. At some point the leaders and people in charge have to yield to the mass consciousness. It was a true miracle when the wall in Berlin came down 20 years ago without any bloodshed.

Considering the usual Russian way of squelching any opposition violently, it was a truly amazing historical event. Leading up to that was that many thousands of people gave up their life as they had known it and had been leaving East Germany through neighboring countries illegally with threat to their lives. Their sheer numbers made it impossible for the old power structures to remain the same. And it shows that we, the people have amazing power.

Remember Gandhi, who was the first man who made the English, an occupying world power leave his country by changing and elevating the consciousness of his fellow men and women. Grass root movements are the most powerful and unstoppable movements because they represent a change in the global consciousness. And then there is no way back. Consciousness is always evolving and unfolding to new levels, carrying evolution forward.

We Can Make a Difference
Change your own consciousness and you change the world. Balance your own busy, anxious and agitated mind with meditation to find inner peace. Feed your mind with uplifting books and movies to lift you up. Approach others with kindness and an open heart and act from that. Be courageous by facing your own inner dragons of anger, greed and righteousness and you are indeed doing a lot.

The Gemstone of the Week is again the Herkimer Diamond
I have suggested the Herkimer Diamond before because it is one of the most amazing gemstones able to support our inner growth towards balance between the polarities because it is a double terminated crystal. I believe the Herkimer Diamond is a must-have gemstone in these turbulent times. With the Herkimer we can find an easier way towards inner peace and balance in our own heart. It helps raise our frequency and consciousness in finding the Middle Path.

This stone is also keeping us safe from electro smog weakening our energy field in front of the computer, which we are all exposed to. Because it is made of crystal it is enhancing our consciousness with more clarity, focus, concentration and brings white light into our aura. It is a stone of true wonders and you can read more about it in other articles I have written.

As people, we need to focus on what we want, more then onto what is wrong. What is wrong is just the starting point of where we want to go. Keep that vision as a guiding light in front of you. We are the creators of our own reality and that is where our power lives. Energy goes where your focus is. Keep that better world in your mind, heart and soul and align yourself with that the best way you can.

We might be looking back from the future and be grateful for these powerful times of change and events which helped us to become really clear in our vision and needs, laying the foundation for a world functioning from a higher level of consciousness of oneness and equality.

I would really like to hear back from you and your thoughts about all this and I am sending you as always many blessings on your journey, Shakti.

Many people listen to the weather report on the radio before they head out the door in the morning so they can be prepared for the day to come.

Shakti Carola Navran's Astrological Signs Weather Report and Healing Gems blog will prepare you the same way: it will make you aware of the universal forces at work in the present moment so you can maximize your response to all that you encounter and align your efforts with the current cosmic trends for a successful and joyful life.

As any surfer here in Hawaii will testify, it is always easier to go with the flow than against it. Life also has a flow, which emanates from the universal forces. With the right awareness and understanding, you can learn to be in harmony with the flow of the universal forces in your life, using them to achieve your goals and dreams. Using astrology to read and interpret the universal forces at work in any given period will give you a real advantage in your ability to deal with challenges in your life and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

One way to align yourself with the universal forces is to work with the metaphysical qualities of gemstones and crystals for health, energy, and balance. I invite you to enter into the sparkling, mystical world of gemstones, connecting us with the whole of creation, from microcosm to macrocosm.

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