Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November 2009 - Full Moon in Taurus

By Sharon Dell

The full moon is in the earth sign of Taurus which relates to the material or physical plane.

With the lessons of the past 2+ years coming to an end, what does it mean for the coming weeks?

October, dominated by emotional needs and daily demands, the bland and mundane, was a practice run for lessons to come in April to July 2010.

November begins with explosive and tough scenarios, indicating a battle of the wills, jealousies and stubborn obsolete attitudes.

People born in the fourth week of March, June, September and December are about to experience something huge in their lives which will continue for months.

People born in the fourth week of January, May, July, and November will be immensely productive.

People born mid July and mid December develop gifts and unique qualities as a result of unusual experiences they weather.

At best, breakthroughs are promised, especially in research and development. Changes will occur, potentially a 'new world' for the individual.

The good news is as the month of November progresses, issues settle down, stimulating strong communication, educational ventures and legal strategy. As long as reasonable long term goals are in place, short term success by the end of the year is inevitable.

Finding creative solutions to complex issues dominates most businesses, so gather those who think out the box and irritate others, around the boardroom table.

The bigger picture will be affected by more wild shifts, with oil/energy companies, medical and financial institutions dominating this month.

On a personal level, when you are alone, contemplate life without needing, thereby getting in touch with your creative energies.

Be connected through yourself; appreciate life by touching and feeling, rather than via external sources. Find time to enjoy the beautiful, simple pleasures of Nature.

Balance depends on your creativity. For the next nine months look for new ways of doing things. Take more control, accept the abundant beauty and stability of nature, and life will prove most fulfilling.

The key work for this month is to reflect a strong, stable image of yourself, and to trust yourself when relating to others. If you are confident and appreciate your own worth, you send out a communicative vibe sure to be responded to.

The focus on self and Karma is strong, with you reaping the rewards of your actions. Take personal responsibility. Your direction in life will then be clearer and opportunities will present themselves.

The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, the feminine archetype and the planet of self worth, resourcefulness and relating. Feeling good and authentic in yourself is your starting point.

For the next 2+ years focus on taking responsibility in all your relationships -- self, personal and work/career.

Solid relationships, more balanced and refined than many in your past, will feature.

Strength and being in control starts with you. Without clear personal boundaries, structure and clarity, you invite chaos, disappointment and lack of achievement into your life.

Be aware of the seduction that can underlie communication and information. Recognize when people manipulate you because you have the strength to nip it in the bud.

Take pleasure in the subtle exquisiteness of life. Find time to express yourself through physical movement; the more you do, the more alive your body becomes. Dance, move to music, walk in the wind and rain, rather than hard-core workouts.

Awaken your senses with play. Notice the color spectrum surrounding you -- in your life, in nature, in the colors of the foods you choose to eat, in your choices of clothing and in the colors of the notes you speak.

Live a rich colorful life. Your inner child loves color. Much like a shape with a kaleidoscope within, it is a wonderful contradiction.

In responsible situations, a content inner child creates a strong, understanding adult. To be only adult is a hard journey.

Relish versatility in your various roles because being fixed is exhausting.

At the threshold of a new universal structure, find joy in new horizons and challenges, appreciate the value of playing and creating. You have nothing to lose but a narrow destiny.

Experiment with nutrition to see what gives you inner nourishment.

The tissue salt for Taurus is Nat sulph to alleviate water retention and balance the glands.

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