Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pluto in Capricorn and Being Stuck

By Donna Cunningham

What I began to fathom recently, as Pluto entered Capricorn for a 14-year stay, is that we all need to address the negative thought forms that hold us back now so that they don't crystallize into a solid brick wall.

If you're not familiar with thought forms, they're near-solid objects in our energy fields that we create by thoughts and beliefs that we repeat over and over until they manifest in the outer world. When these self-fulfilling prophecies come true, they're reinforced - "See, I was right!" Ultimately, they lodge in what's called the causal body - an outer layer of the energy field that attracts people, situations, and events into our lives. This ancient teaching is the basis of many modern metaphysical works like The Secret.

We can, of course, create positive thought forms through repetitive positive thoughts and beliefs, and that's part of what sustains us when we meet obstacles. In the absence of negative thought forms, positive thinking can have remarkable results.

In areas where we're blocked, however, many of us have thunk positive thoughts until we're blue in the face without results. We've visualized, we've affirmed, and we've chanted, but nothing budges, and we're left feeling like metaphysical morons.

If so, you aren't among the metaphysically challenged, it's just that most of these teachings start in the middle rather than at the very beginning. In order to change a negative reality, you need to go back a step.

The first stage in upping your manifestation quotient is to identify and nullify negative thought forms. Listen to your own thoughts about key areas of your life where you've been blocked; they're the very opposite of hopeful. They're thoughts like these:

"I'll never be able to find a job I like."
"I'm not qualified, and anyway the interviewer won't like me."
"What do I have to say that anyone would listen to?"
"I'm just never going to find somebody to love me."

And so on -- listen to your own thoughts about those stuck areas. They'll seem familiar. You may have been wearing them into a groove for years, even for most of your life. Or maybe you've had a bad setback a while ago, and you've lost confidence. (For setbacks, try the Bach flower remedy Gentian, available at most health food stores.) When repeated enough times, they crystallize into negative thought forms that keep on attracting failure, rejection, or toxic people and situations into your life. Each time a self-fulfilling prophecy occurs, the thought form grows more solid.

Capricorn is the sign of building structures and realizing long-term goals by consistent, disciplined focus and practical actions. Now that Pluto is in that sign, take time to identify places in your life that you're stuck. Listen to your thoughts about that area and let your ears perk up when you hear words like "never" or "always." When you find a familiar thought or set of thoughts that represent a deal breaker for your goals, put feelers out into your energy field--this may be a thought form.

There are a series of articles about thought forms and how to address them on my blog under the category "Metaphysics," but ultimately you're the expert in how to demolish your own. After all, you built them!! Make up a method - maybe you aim an ultraviolet ray gun at it, maybe your angel carries it away, maybe a rocket ship blows it into the sun, or maybe your favorite superhero blasts it to smithereens. In this interval of heightened healing and manifestation powers that accompany Pluto in Capricorn, seize the day and clear unwanted thought forms out of your life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donna Cunningham, an internationally respected astrologer with over 40 years experience, is the author of 15 books on metaphysical topics and has a Master's Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. She teaches writing by teleseminar and correspondence course, as well as a correspondence course and seminars on astrology. Order her books at and visit her award-winning blog at

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