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The Three Eclipses in July and August 2009

By Janet Moon

The Eclipses Are Coming - A Triple Wallop! July and August, 2009

July 7, July 21, and August 5, 2009

Eclipses bring changes, good and bad. Usually they come in pairs twice a year, but this summer we will have 3 eclipses: a lunar, a solar, and then another lunar.

Most of us find changes difficult, even if they are positive. With all the changes we have been dealing with over the past year due to the collapse in the economy, I'm not sure any of us will really want to deal with any more. Well... like it or not, change is coming. Do we want to sit around and cry, or do we want to accept the challenges and grow into richer and more spiritually healthy human beings? It's our choice.

The first two eclipses will be in Cancer and Capricorn, and the third will reflect between Leo and Aquarius. (I have good news for Leos and Aquarians; this will be your last set of eclipses. It will be another 8 years before they come back to your signs.)

The lunar eclipses will be penumbral eclipses, which means that just the edge of the earth's shadow will be crossing the moon. But, the solar eclipse on July 21 will be a total eclipse, so it will pack a strong wallop.

The first eclipse will be a lunar eclipse on July 7th at 5:38 AM EDT. If we were only dealing with the eclipse itself, we may find that the event would be less dramatic. But, there will be other stellar aspects happening over the days leading up to the eclipse, so get ready for drama. The eclipse will consist of the Sun in Cancer at an opposition to the Moon in Capricorn, and Saturn over in Virgo will be making a positive aspect between the two. Normally I would say that there could be some positive changes in business and at home if we've been working hard. But, Mars the ruler of energy and sex will be fighting with Neptune and Jupiter, and Venus, the goddess of love, will be upset with Pluto. There could be lots of fights, disputes, auto accidents, jealousy, and financial losses on top of the eclipse energy.

The second eclipse on July 21st (July 22nd Europe) at 10:35 PM EDT will be a total solar eclipse at 29 degrees Cancer. The 29th degree is a karmic point, and it can bring out the heroes. People born with their suns or rising signs at the 29th degree of any sign often like to rescue people. This time, not only do we have a powerful eclipse at a karmic degree, it's also going to be aspecting Uranus and Pluto. And, we have other planets doing their things at the same time. There is a good chance that relationships will breakup and investments will show major losses around this time. But, there is also a chance that some will "take the bull by the horns" and initiate major changes in their lives. Some of those changes will be absolutely brilliant, but some will be dealing with major losses. It's not unusual that people who are ill and tired often pass over during eclipses, but this eclipse may bring even more deaths... and some not anticipated.

The third eclipse will be the final eclipse in Leo and Aquarius on August 5th. It will be at 8:39 PM EDT, and it will be visible from about the eastern 2/3 of the US. I would call it more of a normal eclipse, since it won't be aspecting any other planets. And the other planets of the zodiac will not be at war with one another. It's still going to be an eclipse, and there will be changes to deal with. But, after the previous 2 eclipses, this eclipse may feel more like an aftershock. And, if you want to do something different, with Leo and Aquarius involved, throw an eclipse party!

Okay, now it's time to pull out our natal charts and see how these eclipses are going to affect us personally. First off, look and see which of your houses the eclipses will be occurring in. That will be the major determiner of what area of your life will be affected. Next, if the eclipse makes an aspect, especially a conjunction or square, to a power point (ascendant, nadir, descendant, or mid-heaven), it could bring some tremendous changes. If any of the eclipses aspect one of your inner planets (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon), then the changes will be personal. Which planet is being aspected and the house that the planet is located in will determine what aspect of your life will probably be dealing with those changes. If the eclipse is at an aspect to one of your outer planets, it will probably affect you more on a community or generational level. (Like, maybe a bunch of the baby boomers decide to retire early. I have not examined the ephemeris that closely to give any absolute predictions.)

The eclipse on July 7th will be at 15 degrees 32 minutes Capricorn. That means the Moon will be at 15 degrees Capricorn, and the Sun will be at 15 degrees Cancer. Any planets or points between 13 and 17 degrees (within a 2 degree tolerance) in Cancer and Capricorn are going to be dealing with the biggest changes. Planets or points in between 13 and 17 degrees in Libra and Aries are going to be dealing with unwanted changes, and some of those changes may be forced upon them. Planets and points between 13 and 17 degrees in Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, and especially Virgo, may find that they actually initiate some wanted changes.

Our total solar eclipse on July 21st will be at 29 degrees 26 minutes Cancer. Cuspy Cancer/Leo's are going to be dealing with a lot of drama during this time. Any planets between 27 degrees and 1 degree on the cusps between Libra and Scorpio, and Aries and Taurus are not going to be happy at all. Be careful, there could be accidents. Planets or points between 27 degrees and 1 degree on the cusps between Capricorn and Aquarius, may find that they are doing the rescuing. The points and planets on the cusps between 27 degrees and 1 degree between Scorpio and Sagittarius and Pisces and Aries may actually see some positive changes from this eclipse.

And, the final eclipse on August 5th will be at 13 degrees 35 minutes Aquarius (with the Sun at 13 degrees 35 minutes Leo). Planets and power points between 11 and 15 degrees in Aquarius and Leo will be dealing with the biggest changes. Planets and points between 11 and 15 degrees in Scorpio and Taurus will be griping about the changes they have to deal with. Planets and points in Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, and Gemini could be dealing with fallout from other people's changes.

We can often feel the effect of eclipses up to a month before the actual eclipse, and to give you a perspective, its been said that the energy of an eclipse is approximately 10 times that of a full or new moon. If you are not sure how the eclipses will be affecting you, contact an astrologer. Even a 10 or 15 minute reading should clear up most of your confusion.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website:

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