Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Month of Gemini in 2009 Forecast

By Sharita Star
Sharita's Blog

As with all Mutable Communicator Signs, we now stir up some energy before changing into the next season. Gemini stimulates the last moments of Spring, requesting the collective to be adaptable, inquisitive, and most importantly: aware. With its ruling planet Mercury, those influenced by The Twins take on life with a clever, experimental and intelligent spirit.

The typical Gemini native displays an imitative, improvisational, relating, and alert nature. Always looking to invent a new idea, communication comes easily to The Twins who can innately process information like no other sign.

A Gemini is at their best when they are the Messenger - but the key ingredient for success is adapting to the skill of listening. Known to struggle with duality, Geminis can be inconsistent, gossipy and restless. But when these natives cultivate concentration, their ingenious thoughts will flourish.

The Zodiac House that Gemini's energy rules in the birth chart is the 3rd of Thinking/Mentality. This is the area of life in our chart that indicates the immediate energy behind how we manage our thought processes and mental capacity.

In an individual birth chart, the House Gemini falls is the area of life where you will see a dual, logical, and yet limitless energy behind all you do. Any planets placed in Gemini at the time of one's birth also are expressed through the qualities of this intellectual, informative, and inventive sign.

Gemini takes on the element of air and expresses itself through communication. With quick-witted Mercury as Gemini's ruler, this month urges time spent in gathering information, developing ideas, cultivating logic, and satisfying curiosity.

Gemini is the expert sign to introduce conversation and knowledge; innately possessing the ability to establish relationships, to be reasonable, and yearns to create awareness.

Neptune joins Pluto in the current outer planet Retrograde activity for its long term transit 29 May until 04 November. Mystic Neptune stimulates the collective imagination and sympathetic tendencies. While in a reversal period in Aquarius ruling new life and reform, this energy is conducive to upheavals in both social and political playgrounds, and humanitarian ideals.

Be sure to note the 26 to 23-degree Aquarian ruled sector of your natal chart where you should steer clear of any delusional and perverse reactions.

Mercury returns to Direct motion 30 May, granting the collective forward motion to achieve practical, deliberate, and constructive methods of communicating. The Shadow of this passage will remain until 16 June. Once the Messenger enters Gemini on 13 June, we are urged to stimulate inquisitive, active, studious and instinctive energy in our thinking and mentality.

Jupiter joins the Retrograde "fun" in Aquarius on 15 June until 13 October. Check your 27 to 17 degree Aquarian house to see where (coupled with Neptune's request until early August) intense reflection and reassessment is required. Collectively, our tasks lie in revisiting ways to further mental pursuits, originality, humanitarian causes and philosophical interests.

May you experience the divine awareness that comes from being in the KNOW of your environment as it travels through the adaptable month ahead. Remember: when you KNOW: NOW you have WON.


Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: Sharita resides between New York City and Chatham, NY, while currently publishing her first book, and hosting her own radio show, 'What's Your Sign? I Have Your Number!'

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