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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune May and Dec. 2009

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune - Idealistic and Gullible! May and Dec 2009

By Janet Moon

May 4 - Aug 4, 2009 and Dec 8, 2009 - Jan 2, 2010

Jupiter is the planet of good-luck, optimism, and expansion. Neptune is the ruler of dreams, the psychic, and creativity. Sometimes conjunctions can be stressful, and sometimes they can be positive. It all depends upon the situation and the people reacting to it.

Jupiter and Neptune are slow outer planets. Jupiter takes about 12 years to orbit the sun, and Neptune requires about 165 years to make one revolution. So, this aspect only occurs about every 13 years. Because these planets turn retrograde so often, some of their conjunctions lasted a very long time, and others only hung around a few weeks. I took a little stroll back in history to see what happened during previous Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions.

January 1997 - Jupiter and Neptune at 27 degrees Capricorn. Bryant Gumbel co-hosted his last episode on the Today Show. Dow Corning had to pay $295 billion in breast implant suits. Space Shuttle Atlantis docked with Mir Space Station (talk about new cooperation). Comet Hale-Bopp appeared in the sky. We were at a time when we were ready to move on to bigger and better things.

January 1984 - Jupiter and Neptune at 0 degrees Capricorn. The 0 degree of any sign is considered the "hero" degree, and we had all kinds of "heroes" popping up. Philadelphia elected their first black mayor, and Jesse Jackson persuaded the Syrians to release a captured US pilot. Hulk Hogan defeated Iron Sheik to become the WWF champ. Apple computers unveiled the Macintosh, and President Regan announced he would seek reelection. Jupiter's and Neptune's retrogrades that year did not line up with the conjunction, so this aspect was only felt for a short time.

February, May, and September 1971 - Jupiter and Neptune at 2 degrees Sagittarius, 0 degrees Sagittarius, and 15 degrees Scorpio. These two planets conjuncted, turned retrograde and conjuncted again, then turned direct and conjuncted for a third time. 1971 was a very busy year. During the first conjunction, cigarette advertisements were banned on TV, the Congressional Black Caucus was organized, Charles Manson was convicted of murder, and South Vietnam invaded Laos. The second conjunction happened while both planets were retrograde, so the effects were a bit more sublime. All Things Considered premiered on PBS, and the Ed Sullivan Show was canceled.

The third time they conjuncted that year, they were in the passionate sign of Scorpio. The Watergate team broke into Daniel Ellsberg's doctor's office, 1,000 convicts rioted in Attica, John Lennon released "Imagine," and 6 Klansmen were arrested in connection with bombing of 10 school buses. And just a few days after all that commotion, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida opened.

September 1958 - Jupiter and Neptune at 15 degrees Scorpio. This conjunction was a one time hit, so it only lasted a few weeks, and that's when we decided to start National Defense Education. The first color video recording was done on magnetic tape, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Little Rock Arkansas high school to integrate, and the first airplane flight was executed exceeding 1200 hours. We were pushing our technology and our principles to the limit.

Okay, so what's Jupiter and Neptune going to do this time?

This time Jupiter and Neptune are in the free thinking, always unpredictable, Aquarius. Aquarius encourages us to stand up and be recognized as the unique individuals that we are. Aquarius also loves science and technology. And, as most of us know, Aquarius is harmony, understanding, sympathy, and justice for all. This time Jupiter and Neptune will be beginning their retrogrades as the conjunction occurs, so they will maintain their conjunction for a very long time (May through August). Then after they turn direct, Jupiter will conjunct Neptune one more time in December.

The first conjunction will peak on May 27th with Mars sending lots of energy and new beginnings into this event. We should be seeing big ideas and programs initiated to stimulate the economy around this time. There could also be some surprise winners during any athletic events. Mars is the warrior, Neptune is the peace maker, and Jupiter is the amplifier. So, we may see some very positive changes in the war in Iraq. But, some of those changes may actually turn out to be nothing but pink smoke. Neptune can also bring delusions.

Venus will move in to replace Mar's energy early in June, and at that time, we could very well see some positive upturns in the economy. Venus is the ruler of money! Also, if you have some money to invest, do some diligent checking around. Because, there is a strong potential that some new high tech businesses that launch now will become major corporations in the future, like Macintosh and Walt Disney World. If you don't do your homework, you may end up investing in someone's hot air.

The second conjunction this year will occur in December with the Sun and Venus sending their greetings from optimistic Sagittarius. Our ideals and our imaginations will be strong, and our governments and our corporations may set some new directives into motion to change our environment and our economy for the better now and for generations into the future. We are also going to have a strong drive to reach out and "explore new territories... to go where no one has gone before." There may be some announcements about new space projects, or we may get a deeper glimpse at quantum physics. At the very least, the holidays should be grand.

Now it's time to get out our natal charts. This one should be easy. Jupiter and Neptune will be in the same spot, so we only have one house to look at. The first conjunction will be at 27 degrees Aquarius, and the second will be at 24 degrees Aquarius. Take a look at what house these conjunctions are occurring in (for most of us they will both be in the same house). That is going to be the major player in our analysis. An example, in my chart the conjunctions will be occurring in my 6th house of health and work. Obviously, my health should be good this year, and if I were having any health problems, treatments would likely be successful. Also, the sixth house is day to day work, so my daily work could become very creative and rather consuming during these aspects.

Also check your inner planets (Moon through Mars) and your power points (ascendant, nadir, descendant, and mid-heaven). First Conjunction (May 2009) - check from 25 to 29 degrees. Second conjunction (December 2009) - check from 22 to 26 degrees. Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, you may find that some things get forced on you, rather than you making the decisions. Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you may find that whatever you try will succeed. Which planet is being aspected will help to determine what part of your life will be influenced. If a power point is aspected, then the situation will be more dramatic.

Jupiter and Neptune in the sign Aquarius. Next time they will conjunct in Pisces, so this is Aquarius' only shot, and I'll bet its going to be memorable.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website: www.SparrowMoon.com

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