Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Free Ebook - Bringing Home the Love

Chris Walker is one of my favorite writers on spirituality, love, and relationships.

I often post his insightful articles on His latest is Quality Control - Needed for Sacred Relationships, which emphasizes just how important it is to commit time to our relationships. Too often, our most significant relationship takes a back seat to other secondary commitments. Committed time for relationship should rarely be compromised if a loving relationship is to be nurtured and sustained.

Chris is currently offering a free download for his Ebook
Bringing Home the Love.

An excerpt from Chris's ebook:

For many years I found it all too easy to come home with excuses. I'd blame the office, my team, the economy, and the client. I'd say, "Gee honey, sorry I am so tired tonight" and excuse myself from contribution. I even blamed those relationships at one stage. I found out that it was certainly the way I worked.

Relationships impact our lives more than any other single topic and relationships are impacted in our lives more than even our health. Many people surrender to singledom, some just stay and complain about it. Others find ways to be in one yet hide behind their spiritual practices. I have done all these and I find that it is better to be more authentic about love than any other topic.

I have tried many ways to deal with what appears to be a conflict in western relationships between social and work demands, and my spiritual and personal needs in relationship. I've tried many relationships, and much love, I tried obsessing with Yoga to take the pressure off, I tried working so hard that I had no needs left when I got home.

"I made a little ebook and attached it to this conversation. It's what I've found helps to keep my relationship sacred. Download Bringing Home the Love." ~ Chris.

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