Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cosmic Advice for Taurus Time in 2009

By Linda Merlino

Taurus loves only the best. The planet Venus and all of the senses rule this very tactile sign of the Zodiac. Symbolized by the element of Earth, Taurus is often born with the proverbial - green thumb. His touch has magic. In close encounters, Taurus will find a way to touch; he or she will brush against you or rest a leg against yours. The warmth of skin touching skin is so comforting to Taurus. Smell is another essential for Taurus. Good food cooking, expensive perfume, fresh flowers and money are among Taurus's favorite scents.

Taurus gravitates to the familiar, he or she does not like change. Variety is not the spice of their life. The usual calm, unruffled demeanor of a Taurus can become completely bullish when confronted with change. Like the daisy-eating bull in a field, this sign, when angered, will literally paw the ground, flare nostrils, snort, and drop their head and charge. The best advice is to step aside waving a red cape or retreat until the bull is passive again.

Taurus will toss anything not nailed down to relieve their rage. Remember to put fine china away and crystal out of sight. Fortunately these moments are rare. Most often Taurus prefers to dig in the garden, sit in his or favorite chair, watch his or her favorite show, eat something delicious, and, of course, spend money.

If you love a Taurus, be generous with your possessions. Keep in mind that despite Taurus's attempts at denial about the best of everything, this sign is very materialistic. Speaking of the best, your Taurus partner has a sensual side. Remember touch, touching makes wonderful harmony and keeping a supply of scented candles, body oils and creams is important. Massages, hot tubs, bubble baths, all these can prolong an evening of amore. Remember to never suggest anything in the budget category, in exchange your Taurus lover will keep you warm on a cold winter night and will fill your tummy and heart with rich delicacies forever after.

Sky Watch: Here we go again...just a breath of relief from a backward Venus and now we have Mercury dancing in the reverse. Never any break this year. Talk of money continues...stock market and on and on...we are weary of this rhetoric. Venus and Mars combined in Aries should bring some very aggressive solutions. We may not like them, but they will cut through all the you-know-what. Dates: May 7-30th.

Forecast for the Signs

Aries (March 21-April 20) Aries will display the yin-yang of life during this merry month of May. Both Venus and Mars are in the sign of Aries which by nature puts gentle Venus in an uncomfortable pairing. The aggressive desire of Mars can bring lovely Venus to her knees. Try to direct this combo in a positive way. Aries is all about So okay make it everything about you. Go for a new coat of armor, style your coif and toss color into your wardrobe. Cosmic Advice: Mercury begins his backward dance. He returns to the rather slow kind of thinking that drives you a bit crazy. Be patient for three weeks.

Taurus (April 22-May 20) Taurus doesn't mind backward Mercury. He dances in the sign of Taurus and as a Taurus you understand this reverse thinking and will fare well. If what you have been expecting to be said is at last spoken, know that this is not the finale because the subject will resurface again. On a personal note you must wait until the 31st of the month. Cosmic Advice: Venus and Mars are together in the sign of Aries. This is not a great match for gentle Venus. These two are hung up back stage and are putting pressure on Taurus from behind the scenes.

Gemini (May 21-June 21) Gemini will come to know that there is much activity surrounding your hopes and dreams. Perhaps you should take some time to review your plans and with Mercury dancing backward this is the perfect month to revise. What you are thinking is not for public knowledge. It is better to keep things to your self right now. Cosmic Advice: Venus and Mars bring both men and women into your life whose main objective is to ignite your fire and plant the seeds to get you motivated.

Cancer (June 22-July 22) Cancer, for a brief few days, thinks he or she could give his or her mind a rest...wrong. With Mercury dancing backward you must continue discussing or traveling or making your point using the long-winded route. And, if you were sure that money played no role in these current are wrong again. Cosmic Advice: The truth, with Venus and Mars in duet you are keenly aware of your worth and since you know this as fact, you are ready to go to battle for what you deserve.

Leo (July 23-August 22) Leo will not get a break from thinking about his or her reputation and how he or she interacts with the public, namely Leo's image. Mercury is dancing backward, re-emphasizing much that has been said over the past several weeks. Cosmic Advice: With Venus and Mars in Aries this can lighten up what seems so pedantic. Repeating yourself and having to explain over and over is tiring. A trip is possible, a quick trip.

Virgo (August 23-September 22) Virgo shouldn't mind the backward dance of Mercury because it stays in the complimentary earth sign of Taurus. You do not mind speaking about the same subjects or rehashing what happened last month. Cosmic Advice: With Venus and Mars in Aries you may have to fight for what is yours, or be given, gifted if you will, some cash to keep you warm on cold nights.

Libra (September 23-October 22) Libra finds the combo of Mars and Venus a little taxing for his or her gentle persona. A partnership can be a little on the heated side with Mars overpowering the love planet. Keep arguments on a low burner, trade aggression for passion. Cosmic Advice: Mercury dancing backward in Taurus forces you to repeat like everyone else. Money issues, especially those related to others continue. Hopefully once Mercury dances forward in June you can relax a little.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Scorpio should be aware that the duet of Mars and Venus in Aries could make you sick. This can be an illness related to eating too much spicy/hot food or heart sick over a love relationship. The good news is Aries energy burns off quick and is usually forgotten in s brief space of time. Cosmic Advice: Problem number two arrives with backward Mercury. You will have to rehash partnership issues. Sorry, but it must be done.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Sagittarius should be aware that Mercury dancing backward forces you to think and speak in terms of how you feel (your health) and the hum drum activities associated with daily routine. You can grow weary of hearing yourself. Cosmic Advice: The duo of Venus and Mars in Aries offers some relief. This combo gives quick fixes. Spending time with young people and someone you love is a wonderful way to Band-Aid what ails you.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Capricorn is okay with Mercury dancing backward in the earth sign of Taurus. This does not cause too many hardships for Capricorn. Repetition centers around a reward coming due, better ways to enjoy life and taking a few well considered risks can be revisited as well. Cosmic Advice: Mars and Venus combine in Aries to push some of Capricorn's buttons. Sometimes this is good, you need the challenge. Your home can benefit from a desire to redecorate.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Aquarius is weighed down by the repeat of conversation. Most of the talk is around domestic issues. Better to re-route the energy into landscaping or gardening. Use your clever imagination to beautify what is around you. Cosmic Advice: Venus and Mars combined in Aries offers a package of opportunities. You have to be quick and get to the front of the line. Having an ego and a "me" attitude will work to your advantage if you balance that gentle side as well. Money can be the gain.

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Pisces finds an opportunity in the rhetoric of backward Mercury. Neighbors, siblings, relatives and community can take their places in voicing or rehashing old issues. Dealing with repetition will be easier than the challenges ahead in June. Cosmic Advice: Venus and Mars combined are stationed next to you. They are offering advice on how to make your resources increase and how to take the bull by the horns and all that stuff. Temper a tendency to be too aggressive by keeping the harmony and balance in your checking account.

Linda Merlino is the author of Belly of the Whale

"Belly of the Whale is a powerful and poignant novel about hope in the face of despair. It is a gripping tale filled with suspense and an unforgettable character in whose life we are immediately invested. Merlino does not disapppoint with this excellent read!" ~ Amazon Review.


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