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Wings - Spirituality & the Ascension Process for March 5, 2009

By Karen Bishop


In this WINGS post, find out several symptoms of arriving in a very
new reality and higher dimension, how we will begin creating our new
world, and what the new blueprint looks like and how you fit in.

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From The Ascension Primer:

Letting Go Through Intolerance And Apathy

One thing I have said over and over for several years is that
the higher realms are not what you might think. Much of what
we have been taught or read about is highly inaccurate.

Although this is not a simple process, basically it all boils down
to simplicity and how energy responds and interacts with itself.
There are higher and lower forms of vibrating energy creating
things that feel good and things that do not. So then, there is
no meaning to anything. Meaning is simply what we choose to
place on any particular manifestation. Some things may feel
good to one person according to how they interpret them, and
may feel very unpleasant to another. A rule of thumb, then,
might be that things either feel good or they feel bad. It's that

As we begin to vibrate higher and higher we become less and
less of a match to what has been created so far on this planet
and also to any lower vibrating aspects of other human
behaviors and realities. One might think that as we become
more spiritual we embody a great compassion, understanding,
and tolerance at higher levels than we ever have before. But
this is not the case. As we progress through ascension and
begin to vibrate higher and higher, we find ourselves becoming
highly intolerant of any lower vibrating energies. We simply
cannot be in their presence for very long and we may even
become angry and frustrated with them as well.

There is a method to this madness. As mentioned in earlier
sections of this book, there is a hierarchy to energetic levels
and dimensions. When we reach higher realities, it is very
difficult to reside or spend time in the lower realities. We are
simply not a match to them anymore. This response also has
other benefits. The intolerance greatly encourages us to create
more on the outside that matches how we are vibrating,
feeling and being on the inside. If our outside reality feels
downright awful, we will most assuredly be inspired to save
ourselves through our need to feel better by creating higher
ways of living and being. And by not tolerating and refusing to
be a part of the old reality, as we literally cannot stomach it
anymore, it makes us literally refuse to participate, therefore
withdrawing any energy of support. If we do not become
involved in something and negate it, it cannot survive because
there is no energy to make it real and alive. It will simply
cease to be as it will not be residing in anyone's consciousness.

Through this intolerance we are also being very direct. As we
progress into higher vibrating human beings, we find that we
can no longer beat around the bush, sit by and watch, or take
a long winding road to get anywhere. Higher energy moves in
a straight shot. It does not go here and there, make excuses
and support friends and family even though they are in
unhealthy situations, or sit blindly by. It is simple and direct.
No wishy washy uncertainty and passivity. The time is up for
tolerating the old and for waiting. It's the higher way or no
way. At some level we know this, and at times can find
ourselves addressing the lower vibrations very directly. In this
way, this is a higher form of love. It involves an inability to
support the lower vibrations in anything. We are actually being
supportive and loving in that we are now supporting the
highest ways through this intolerance. We are actually being
spiritual warriors of higher truth and greatly helping others.

In the higher realms we create through a partnership with
Source and as we are becoming more and more of Source
ourselves, we must connect much more deeply now in order to
create the higher ways. During these years of ascension, it can
appear that we are getting absolutely nowhere. It may seem
that nothing ever goes our way or that we are receiving very
little support for getting what we want.

This is really not the case. We do not want to create things
that are not of a higher vibration or that will no longer fit in the
near future. In other ways, we cannot create from ego in the
higher realms. When we are not getting what we want, it is
usually because we won't be in that situation or reality very
soon, or that we are not yet ready. If there is something that
you really feel you must have, then you are not ready to
receive it. It is ironic that we always get what we want when
we no longer want it. What is happening here is that we have
lost our attachment, which places us in a position for perfect
creating. In addition, we are not then, creating from our ego.
This is all part of the ascension process.

Through it all, we can get pretty discouraged at times. When
we get discouraged and let down over and over again, and feel
that all our dreams have shattered, we become apathetic. This
is perfect. It puts us into a space of letting go. We simply do
not care anymore. This makes us let go and release the
energy of attachment. We are then residing in neutral energy
with no agendas and this allows much more of Source to enter.
And of course, allows us to let go of many of the illusions."

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