Sunday, March 15, 2009

Uncertainty, Darkness, and Waking up at 3 A.M.

By Karen Bishop

In this WINGS post, find out why so many of us are waking up at
3 a.m., why you may be feeling vulnerable and sensing darkness,
and why we are currently in a temporary holding pattern and what
feelings this can create.

From The Ascension Companion:


As we know, we are literally dying while in a 3D body. Just like the death experience
in the old 3D world, we are experiencing a vast amount of letting go and releasing much that is not of a higher dimensional way...all in order to arrive in a higher dimension. Only this time we are taking our physical bodies with us.

As we begin arriving on "the other side," we are also basically
being re-incarnated again. This re-incarnation experience,
without the usual 3D death experience, can create some
interesting phenomenon. And it is not sudden, like the 3D death is gradual, which can make things even more

Before the ascension process really began in earnest, in 2000, we
had different roles. Lightworkers came to the planet to begin the
"shake-up" process with the raise the consciousness
of the planet and get things rocking and rolling for the ascension
process to take hold. This was the primary role and purpose of
the "first incarnation."

After critical mass was reached on the planet and it was time for
many to "cross over" in January of 2006, a massive re-birth
occurred, and many were then ready for a very New role. But
there were also those who went way ahead, and thus experienced
a re-birth far before the critical mass.

After the critical mass had a re-birth experience, they were then
ready for a very New purpose and role. They had basically
reached a critical mass within themselves, and were now
vibrating at a much higher level. During this time, then, the New
roles involved the creation of the New Planet Earth. They had left
their old roles and purposes behind. And much of their old selves

Birth is a very key component of the ascension process. I
remember having a re-birth experience several years ago. I was
checking in, or basically giving myself a reading, and all I could
see was me waving good-bye and crossing over through some big
energetic doorway into another world and reality. I have to say,
that at the time, this really freaked me out. This was long before
we really knew much about ascension. I thought I was probably
getting ready to die. And then, sure enough, I had a substantial
and intense ascension process all in one big "whoosh!", and
thought I was certainly going insane.

But I emerged in a totally New space, and felt incredibly
wonderful and much stronger than I had ever been in my other
life. I had let go of a lot and greatly changed my vibration. The
ascension process creates many re-births. There is not just one.
I have had several. Many times they arrive around the time of
our birthdays. I usually know when one is about to occur, as I
feel that I am going somewhere, along with feelings of great loss
and sadness...knowing that much will be left behind. And I
usually feel a bit panicky as well. I feel that at some level, I am
going somewhere that I have never been before...some unknown
place. But also knowing that so many will be ascending in the
future, can bring great comfort that some of our loved ones will
be arriving one day as well.

Through a New birth, relationships with our old 3D physical
families can be greatly affected. We chose these physical families
for very specific reasons in our first incarnation involving the
ascension process. When we re-incarnate, we are not attached to
them anymore. It is not uncommon to lose contact and to then
leave these original physical families. It is part of the process.
Maintaining a relationship out of pure love and affection, can
keep these relationships we do not necessarily have to
say good-bye to our biological families. But our soul families will
arrive in due time...especially our connections to our teams for
creating the New World, and we will feel connected once again,
only for different roles and purposes. We will then be having very
New families and at a much higher level.

After the first re-birth, we usually lose most of our damaged
inner child energy. It is replaced by the energy of the original
innocence. We are then coming from much more of a Source
connection, instead of coming from our ego, or dis-connect
selves. It is truly a wonderful space to now be in.
If you have chosen this page, you are going through a re-birth.
Although you may feel distraught, stressed, confused, and
anguished, know that you will feel so incredibly cleansed and
divine after your New birth is complete. Happy Birthday and get
ready to welcome to a very New you! It is truly worth it in the

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