Thursday, February 26, 2009

Venus Retrograde March 6 thru April 17, 2009

By Janet Moon

Venus Retrograde - Slowdown in Business and Love - March 6 thru April 17, 2009

I know I am here today to talk about the Venus retrograde happening this year, but I really have to add some Mars influence to our forecast. Mars and Venus were able to maintain a sextile (a 60 degree angle, somewhat positive) from mid January all the way through the end of February with the slower Mars lagging behind Venus. The sextile ended on February 24th as Venus slowed down to anticipate her upcoming retrograde. As she processes through her retrograde transit this year, the slower Mars will catch up to her and actually pass her for a few weeks. So, this retrograde may bring some extra romance after Venus turns direct.

For amateur star gazers, you may have noticed Venus shining high in the southwestern sky just after sundown. Venus has been getting higher and higher in the sky for the past few months. When Venus' retrograde begins, she will be moving lower toward the horizon and will actually pass between the earth and the sun, and become a morning star before her retrograde is finished.

As John Gray has educated us, Venus is the feminine planet and Mars is the masculine. Venus represents relationships and money, and Mars is the warrior and governs our sex drives. When these two planets come to positive aspects, love, romance, and financial deals abound.

When a planet is in retrograde, its influence can become more subtle or different. Venus will begin her retrograde in Aries on March 6th with a little help from Jupiter. Often issues from our past will come up during a retrograde, and with Venus in retrograde, an ex lover may call. With Jupiter involved, we may find ourselves compelled to contact old friends and long neglected family members as Venus' retrograde begins.

We may find ourselves dealing with past debts throughout this retrograde because Venus governs our finances. With the economy in such a mess, Venus hanging out in impulsive Aries, we may find ourselves doing the opposite. We may decide to devote more of our income to our savings during this retrograde.

We may find the first two or three weeks of Venus' retrograde a little mundane. Some of us may find our self-esteem is a little low, and others may find that business is slow. But, around March 27th, things should become a little more active as the Moon, Sun, and Mercury cross Venus' path. There is a strong potential for messages from old friends, and some may be fickle. Beware of love at first sight.

After Venus finishes her encounter with the Sun and his friends, she will hit some major turbulence coming from Pluto just in time for April Fools' Day, and these upsets could continue through the first week of April. Oh my goodness, Venus, dealing with her past relationships and debts, gets hit with nuclear weapons. There could be some jealousy in relationships, and some may loose their jobs. We may find ourselves summoned to appear in court about those overdue bills. I don't have any education in business and the market, but I do wonder how the global market will reflect this week.

Once Venus gets past Pluto, she will cross the cusp between Aries and Pisces around April 11th, turn direct on April 17th, then conjunct her lover, Mars, on April 21st. In fact, stargazers, get up early around April 22nd and 23rd, and you should see two very bright planets in the eastern sky, Venus and Mars, very close to the moon a few hours before sunrise. What a way to celebrate Earth Day!

Even though Venus' retrograde will be officially over, her relationship with Mars will move up a level. Mars will actually pass Venus in Aries and stay in front of her as they transit through Taurus until June 21st when Venus conjuncts Mars again. Venus' retrograde may slow us down and even bring problems, but the after effects will be worth it. The whole month of May and most of June will bring cooperation in love, familles, and business.

Okay, now its time to get out your natal charts and see how Venus' retrograde will affect you. Venus' retrograde will be from 15 degrees 27 minutes Aries to 29 degrees 12 minutes Pisces. First look to see what house(s) Venus will be traveling through. This will probably have the biggest influence for you personally.

In my chart, Venus will do her retrograde in my 8th house of spirituality and other people's money. Debts could become a real problem for me, or Venus may bring some of my Spirit Guides a little closer.

If Venus will cross one of your power points (ascendant, nadir, descendant, mid-heaven), the week she crosses could be quite profound. If she conjuncts or squares (90 degrees) one of your natal planets, it could bring some minor annoyances, depending upon the influence of that planet in your natal chart. If you are not quite sure how to interpret it, get out your natal chart, pencil in Venus' retrograde path, then call an astrologer. They can teach you a lot in just a few minutes, so long as you do your homework first.

About the Author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. Website:

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