Tuesday, January 06, 2009

January 2009 Numerology Forecast

By Astrologer and Numerologist Peter Dobrovic
Website: pdnumerology

The month of January gives rise to the need for a positive outlook and an intelligent application of energy. Much is said and written regarding positive and negative thought. So much so that it has become easy to disregard most of it as simple nonsense. Think about it, however, and you will realize that certain thoughts and actions will bring particular results into your life.

Study, learn, and create. While you are doing, this turn your mind to your personal philosophy on life. Are you afraid of the future? If so, then why? Do you have a vision that will carry you forward, and do you also indulge in daydreams about how you want your life to unfold? Furthermore, do you truly believe in that vision, or do you secretly expect the worst to happen to you instead?

It is time to realize that you are a creator in your own right and how you think will direct your way ahead. You possess an individual destiny. If you have any doubts that you are your own architect, then just listen to the so called financial experts as they try to explain the consequences of the 'credit crunch.' They haven't got a clue, have they?

Stimulate your mind now and examine your longings and your fears, then begin to replace each fear with a simple feeling of pleasure that comes from the knowledge that you are not alone.

If you allow others to enter your life now you will discover a happiness that comes from simple friendship. You will also find that you share similar concerns as others and that you are seeking the same closeness.

Do not fear giving too much of yourself away by entering into new relationships and welcome the insight that you will gain from them. Be warm, approachable and sincere. Enjoy being a member of a partnership or group. If you have any doubts then ask for divine guidance before you go to sleep. If you are open to this then you will become aware that you are not alone on this front either.

On a recent visit to the Cotswalds - a historical country area in England - I noticed a building that everyone was flocking to. It was a cold winter day but this building had bright lights, a cheerful frontage, and mellow music playing. Is it any wonder then that it drew the crowds? This January try to present a welcoming countenance just like this building.

Express an undaunted cheerfulness when faced with the challenges that lie ahead and relish the opportunity that accompanies this learning curve. Resolve to get the best from yourself. This will take effort and a willingness to alter old and outdated responses to past situations. Let your imagination loose but be aware that it is a powerful tool. If you can imagine it then equally it can happen.

Professional Numerologist and Astrologer, Peter Dobrovic offers personal consultations and professionally written reports based on more than twenty years experience of practising Numerology. Peter uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to provide readings for his hundreds of satisfied clients across the UK. You can visit his site at www.pdnumerology.com.

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