Friday, January 23, 2009

Demonique Date

I usually don't post about my social life (who cares except some ex BFs perhaps), but my date last night ordered a divine Red at dinner that happened to be called "Demonique Merlot 2007." I was intrigued by the gesture and a tad first.

And I loved the wine, but it was way too early in our association to know if I'd feel the same way about him. I had high hopes at first until I realized I was with a snob-yuppy Libra for a dinner companion. His order of "Demonique Merlot 2007" with a black label of red devil eyes and font to match didn't seem to match his somewhat arrogant demeanor (that I hadn't noticed before our dinner date).

But I get the not too subtle hint. He thinks astrology and my website is the work of the Devil. I'm expecting the schedule of the next Salem witch trial will drop in my lap soon.

I don't know if my recent Libra date and I will go beyond this first bottle of wine stage or not - he's not much into my lifestyle of carnivorous plants, church choir, transiting planets, or Reiki (what on earth is that?) healings. But other things are more important to me (like good wines and open-minded men) than trying to be compatible at the moment with someone who seems to be closed-minded at the start for some things he's never even heard of i.e., Reiki, Anthroposophy, New Thought, demanding choir rehearsals. He's such a regular guy, so I'd rather someone like him be hooked up with someone who appreciates him. It's not me.

But kudos to this Libra for his good taste in choosing a wine that he thought would fit me. Should I be insulted about the "Demonique" association? Ok, granted he's just another mainstream opinionated guy who is quick to judgement. How quickly he snubbed the subjects I mentioned that I was interested in and that he quickly dismissed as being "silly."

Regardless of HIS silliness, I sure do like Demonique Merlot 2007 and would like to get a case or two for my own personal stash. If I can find it online maybe I will save it for someone special who likes good wine because it tastes really good and who also appreciates the whimsical label for it's own sake, like I did. I love whimsy and those who appreciate it, even more than I love a good Merlot.

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