Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stop Excessive and Toxic Roof Tarring in Sacramento

I am posting this on behalf of the residents of Arbors at Antelope near Sacramento. They have had roofs tarred 5 days a week or more for 2 years. Tar is toxic and carcinogenic. Many residents have become sick. Please sign the online petition to stop the tarring by logging onto

The Particulars:
This residential area has been exposed to dangerous fumes from asphalt roofing tar for up to five, or more, days per week for over two years with at least one more year to completion. The application of roofing tar generates airborne chemicals (PAHs) and particles (PM 2.5) that are known to cause acute to chronic health problems, such as nose, throat, and lung irritation, asthma, emphysema, heart problems, damage to vital organs, and even cancer. Some residents have developed sores in the nose, coughs, scratchy throats, headaches, flu-like symptoms, nausea, lung related illnesses, such as reactive airway disease, and asthma symptoms. We want the Arbors to cease the planning for roofing operations that involve asphalt roofing tar for the remainder of the roofs needing work and for them to use roofing materials that are not harmful to our environment, our health, and the health of our children. We are asking that asphalt roofing tar be restricted, especially in residential areas and on or near schools so that we will be protected from this dangerous roofing method and that others will be protected in the future.

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