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Planets' Transits 2009

By Philip Sedgwick

Collections ~ 29 December 2008
Early this year we experienced quite a collection of Capricorn planets. Now, as the year ends, once again we function under a sky loaded up in the sign of Capricorn. Over the past few days the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto stockpiled celestial forces in Capricorn.

Somehow we made it through the Sun's passage of Pluto (an annual event) in proximity to Mars passing by Pluto (a biennial event), occurring in the same relative small time window. Except for the Moon, this collection continues until New Year's day when Mercury dips into Aquarius affording two stelliums: Capricorn's stellium of the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto and the Aquarian gathering of Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Neptune and North Lunar Node.

As of the 5th when Jupiter enters Aquarius, Capricorn loses stellium status. Though Venus migrates out of Aquarius into Pisces on the 3rd, Aquarius maintains an abundant collection of influences and as of Jupiter's ingress, the water bearer packs a huge wallop.

While these contrasting combinations might seem like adjacent extremes, it's really not that much of a shift to migrate from Capricorn influence to Aquarian energy. After all, there is a twenty-degree overlap between the physical constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius.

Though this region is referenced sidereally and not tropically, we can apply the symbolic crossover. In the Northern Hemisphere this could be seen as driving from rain regions into colder snow zones. You might want to stop the vehicle, engage the four wheel drive or put on chains to adjust traction.

In the Southern Hemisphere this would be akin to reaching the end of a paved road and heading out into the bush. Again, four wheel drive traction and an adequate supply of water would be wisely confirmed before proceeding further.

It seems perfect the way the planets plot their present courses. Jupiter entering Aquarius is a big deal. And it will be a big idea exploding deal when he meets up with the node and Neptune. It will be a hugely significant healing deal when he joins longitudinal forces with Chiron. Mythologically, Jupiter was the one who provided a course for Chiron's never ending pain to be relieved. There's a fine image for later this year: relief of pain, whether psychic, emotional or physical. This can be an energetic relief, a symbolic rendering and may even have mundane applications.

Last Saturday I met with a group of holistic practitioners here in Tucson to contribute ideas and suggestions to the Obama-Biden transition team regarding health care in the United States. Of course, the objective of this group is not only health care for all, but preventive and holistic health care should be viable options for anyone. What a perfect fit for the transits ahead.

The mental aspects of Aquarius also should play out. The presumed technological and innovative insights normally assigned to Aquarius receive a boost from the highly seasoned inspiration of Neptune. Potentially some amazing breakthroughs in consciousness and technology lie ahead within the next year. How cool is that? Anyone who understands and responds to the open-ended impetus might be the one who has the next really amazing idea.

It might just be the year to use such insights and inventiveness to take on and take down adversarial giants. This year Ceres, after an ample retrogradation in the fact-finding, detail-organizing sign of Virgo, meets up with Saturn.

City Hall can be defeated if the motivating cause fits Aquarian agendas: good for all, timeliness and uniqueness of innovation, answering a higher need and containing viable solutions.

Later this year Saturn and the first southern hemisphere named astrological noteworthy planet, Makemake, (okay, it's dwarf, but I'll persist in making a big deal about dwarf planets) align. Watch as issues of population, specifically over population, and the assessment of world resources to support the planet become front page matters. Sooner or later consciousness must wrap around the abundant breeding syndrome propagated by many theologies. Perhaps this transit opens the door for understanding in advance of crisis.

But right now, we battle the doldrums that seem to linger out there. We're stuck between Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year Gregorian style. The planets in Capricorn induce natural reservation. It's not the "wait until next year" syndrome to see if resolutions stick really. It's more of a thick funk. To move through, let's again consider that the recent Sun-Mars-Pluto passages in early Cap directed attention and focus on a huge array of binary x-ray eclipsing accreting pulsars.

Simply, assess energy as a priority above and beyond physical, material resources and time. Take some time to restructure the internal energy system. Decide how much energy is available and when it is available. Given such determinations, energy slowly rises and builds to a functional symbolic boil where it can cook carrots, spin a turbine in a nuclear facility, apply the chakras directly to consciousness or devotedly steer one's spirit to one's well-constructed intentions.

Sure this might require pulling off to the side of the road to assess supplies, especially those of an energetic nature, and adjust your traction to the conditions ahead. That seems to be the key.

Responsiveness to immediate conditions promotes timeliness and efficient application, exactly as the transits now demand. Put your thinking caps on. Ideas spring up faster than you can say antidisestablishmentarianism, which is a perfect blend of Capricorn and Aquarius energy if you dissect the cumbersome construct.

Instead of priding oneself on the "fish out of water" - "spiritual entity on a mundane planet" grievance, it's time to dive into the waters of Aquarius and do something better than splashing about in the shallow end.

Happy New Year to you all. Here's to a healthy, prosperous, innovative and enlightened year.

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