Monday, December 22, 2008

Daily Astrology Forecast for the Week of Dec. 22 - 28, 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 12/22/08 Passion for Independence

The Scorpio Moon is going to be in a very good mood today, and we may find ourselves feeling passionate about everything we do. We may also be feeling a bit more aggressive and independent as the Sun covers Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio). Its going to be a great day for investigating mysteries, and expressing our feelings. Be careful, some of those feelings may get a bit too expressive, and there could be a few fights. Happy Hanukkah! Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Conjunct Pluto

Tue 12/23/08 Express Yourself!

This day is going to start off mighty fine, and there could be some amazing ideas popping into our heads all day long. We are going to be ready to try something new this morning, and we may discover a few surprises before we get to the office (early morning west coast). We may find it really easy to talk and express ourselves, especially early this afternoon (late morning west coast), but we are also going to be very gullible. Some of us may get suckered into something we will regret later. It should be a good night for parties and conversations, but we may find ourselves getting tired or bored around midnight (9 PM west coast) as the Moon goes void of course. Major Planetary Events Today: None

Wed 12/24/08 Optimistic Conversations and Adventures

We are going to be on top of the world and ready for adventure today under the influence of the gorgeous Sagittarius Moon. Long distance trips, short distance trips, conversations, and last minute shopping should all go very well on this Christmas Eve. We are probably going to want to get outside today, so lets hope the weather is as great as our moods. Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Sextile Uranus

Thu 12/25/08 Optimistic and Sound Decisions

Its going to be another sparkly day under the optimistic Sagittarius Moon, and we are going to find that our logic and our business sense is very sound today. We may be ready to make some serious decisions about our lives over the next couple of days. We may just decide our New Year's resolutions today. It should be a great day for holiday gatherings and conversations. There may be a few unexpected upsets late this evening (early evening west coast), but that'll be it. Merry Christmas! Major Planetary Events Today: None

Fri 12/26/08 Patient, Sound, and Practical

We may really feel like going places today under the Sagittarius Moon, and our minds will be very sound and practical. So, travel in general will go well. People for the most part will be patient. The Moon will enter steady and stable Capricorn this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we may be ready to do some holiday cleanup. There may be a few arguments or hurt feelings early tonight (this evening west coast), but things should level out shortly after. Happy Kwanzaa! Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Trine Saturn

Sat 12/27/08 Calm and Creative Focus

We are going to be feeling very calm and creative today under the Capricorn New Moon while Venus kisses Neptune. But, we may also feel like we don't want to deal with our own personal issues today. So, try to keep focused on others, and put off your own chores for a few days, if you can. Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Conjunct Neptune, New Moon 7:22 AM EST

Sun 12/28/08 Working Hard

We may really feel like getting organized and working hard today with 5 of the 10 major planets in Capricorn including the Moon. We may have some new ideas for old projects as our day begins (early morning west coast). Our energy could be strong today as Mars and Pluto unite, but we may also find that our tempers are short. Capricorn is the sign of hard work and discipline, but some of us will turn into drill sergeants. Watch out for verbal abuse tonight, or you may hurt someone you love. Major Planetary Events Today: Mars Conjunct Pluto

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to subscribe her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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