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Daily Astrology Forecast for the Week of December 8-14, 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 12/8/08 Busy Day - Quiet Evening

It should be a fairly busy day under the Aries Moon, and we should find that our creativity is soaring around late morning (mid morning west coast). Some of us may be a bit impractical around mid afternoon (lunch time west coast), but we should it easy to get past that. And, it will be a good afternoon for making decisions. Things will slow down this evening (mid afternoon west coast) as the Moon goes void of course. It will be a nice evening for quiet contemplation and routine chores. Those of us up late may get a burst of creativity as the Moon enters Taurus.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Tue 12/9/08 Slow Down, but not Too Slow

We will be ready to slow down and enjoy life today under the Taurus Moon, but there is also a strong possibility of accidents and mistakes. We may feel like our energy is jerky, and we may just decide to take life easy today and save the tough projects for tomorrow. Don't do that! Things are going to be even more difficult tomorrow, so get important jobs done today.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Wed 12/10/08 Accidents and Computer Problems

We are going to be dealing with accidents today, and we may find that we run into some very shocking characters with the Sun picking a fight with Uranus. There could also be problems surfing the Internet or in our computers. Keep your guard up, or you may download and unexpected virus. Our day could begin (wee hours of the morning west coast) with some new ideas, and even though a few disasters may strike, our emotions will be steady and stable early this afternoon (mid morning west coast). Our emotions may slump, and we may feel a need to numb them around early to mid afternoon (mid to late morning west coast), but we will bounce back within a few hours. People may not feel much like talking this evening (afternoon west coast), and we may decide to stick to our routines after the Moon goes void of course. It should be a fairly quiet night.
Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Square Uranus

Thu 12/11/08 Accidents, Road Rage, and Cruel Behavior

The Moon will be in lively Gemini today, and we should find our morning (early morning west coast) begins with cooperation and courtesy. But, there is a lot of negative energy in the air, and there will be accidents, cruel words, and authoritative people to have to deal with today and tomorrow. Some of us may end up being the "hero" today, and others will want to run away from their problems. Use caution driving, because there is a strong potential for road rage. And, be very careful working with any dangerous equipment. Stay alert, and you may save yourself a trip to the emergency room. Postpone as much as you can until next week. Things will be much better then.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Fri 12/12/08 Going through Hell

If you think yesterday was bad, hold on! Today is going to be the climax. The stars are lined up in a grand cross, and that means hell on this Gemini Full Moon. The morning is going to be worst with the Full Moon occurring late this morning (mid morning west coast). There's going to be arguments, jealousy, hurt feelings, and lots of automobile accidents, so use caution with everything you do. Our feelings will probably go numb as the Moon goes void of course early this afternoon (late morning west coast), but our logic and our values are going to be in the dumps. Be careful what you say to other people, and be prepared for a few losses. Happy Full Moon???
Major Planetary Events Today: Mars Square Uranus, Mercury Enters Capricorn, Mercury Conjunct Pluto, Sun Square Saturn, Full Moon 11:37 AM EST.

Sat 12/13/08 Cleanup Our Environments and Relationships

We may awaken feeling a bit "shell shocked" today, but the Moon will be in domestic Cancer, and the Sun will be kissing creative Neptune. It will be a great day to cleanup our environments and our relationships. There could be a bit of an imbalance in the family (or the finances) around lunch time (mid morning west coast), but it should be resolved within a few hours. It will be a great day to hang around the house, cook something special, and cuddle with loved ones.
Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Sextile Neptune

Sun 12/14/08 Low Energy and Ready to Stay Home

We may not feel like doing a whole lot today, and we may feel like making everyone else in the family do our work. There is a strong tendency for abusive behaviors today and tomorrow with Mars attacking Saturn. Today is not going to be a total washout. There will be a few good moments under the Cancer Moon, and we may find its a great day to hang around the house and watch a little TV or pickup that book we've been meaning to read. The Moon will go void of course early this evening (mid afternoon west coast) and we may really get into that book or program tonight.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

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