Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daily Astrology For the Week of Nov. 24 - 30, 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 11/24/08 Short Trips, Communicating, and Feeling Passionate

Today should start off nice. People will be cooperative and polite, and we may actually accomplish a few things in the morning staff meeting. The whole day will be good for short trips and communicating ideas. Writers may find the next couple of days are especially productive. We may get an extra little burst of creativity around lunch time (mid morning west coast), and the rest of the day may become rather passionate after the Moon enters Scorpio. It will be a great night to express our feelings.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Tue 11/25/08 Sharp Minds and Passionate Emotions

Its going to be a passionate day under the Scorpio Moon. Our minds will be sharp, and we will be ready to get up and go. Its going to be an excellent day for troubleshooting and fixing things. Its will also be a great day for research, and we will be ready to dig into the details of any project. We may also be ready to get rid of some extra things that have been cluttering up our lives. There could be some romance in the air tonight, or we may find ourselves in a very creative mood. Enjoy!

Major Planetary Events Today: Sun Conjunct Mercury

Wed 11/26/08 Dig Deep into Special Projects

Our emotions could be rather flat today with the Moon void of course all day, so we may not feel like talking or listening. But, it will be an excellent day to work alone and really dig deep into a special project. Routine chores will also go well. There could be some unexpected upsets around, and there could be some problems with authority figures over the next few days with Pluto entering Capricorn and Uranus at direct station. It won't happen to all of us, but my advice is to keep your guard up and pay attention to what you are doing. There could be accidents, especially on the highways with all the Thanksgiving traveling going on. The Moon will enter Sagittarius just after midnight eastern time, so those of us up late may get a second wind.

Major Planetary Events Today: Pluto Enters Capricorn

Thu 11/27/08 Optimism, Determination, and Diplomacy

It should be a bright and sparkly day under the Sagittarius New Moon. We will be ready to get out and visit friends on this American holiday. There could be a change in plans, and there could be a few conflicts with the opposite sex, or just stupid people. But, for the most part, we will take the small inconveniences in stride, and we will keep our optimism and our goals primary in our minds. There may be some serious arguments late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast), but we should find it easy to make peace. Happy Thanksgiving.

Major Planetary Events Today: Uranus Direct Station, New Moon 11:54 AM EST

Fri 11/28/08 Enjoying Life

We will be ready to talk and act on our ideas today, and people will be diplomatic. We may be feeling like we are on top of the world, and the next couple of days are going to be excellent for travel and shopping. Our emotions may take a dive early this afternoon (mid to late morning west coast), and again early this evening (mid afternoon west coast), but most of the day is going to be a day for enjoying life!

Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Sextile Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Mars

Sat 11/29/08 Applying our Goals

Things may be a little out of focus this morning with the Moon void of course, but stick to your routine, and things should go just fine. The Moon will enter disciplined Capricorn early this afternoon (mid morning west coast), and we will be ready to apply ourselves to our goals. Its going to be a great afternoon and evening for getting some work done. Our hearts will be realistic and stable. It will also be a great day for investing and gambling. Good-luck.

Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Trine Saturn

Sun 11/30/08 Good-luck and Joy

The Capricorn Moon will not aspect any planets today. In some ways that is good, because there won't be any negatives to upset us, but there also won't be any positives to motivate us. But, there will be a general tone of good luck and joy in the air, so we should find that there is an element of fun in our work today. And, it will be a great day for work, so let's get organized!
Major Planetary Events Today: None

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