Monday, November 17, 2008

Daily Astrology For the Week of Nov. 17-23 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 11/17/08 Losing Focus, Postpone Decisions

Today could begin well with people being cooperative and polite, but around mid morning (early morning west coast) we may lose our focus as the Moon goes void of course. There is also a tendency that we may encounter more than our fair share of liars and drunks all day today. Our judgments may be poor, so postpone any major decisions until tomorrow. Things will improve late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast) as the Moon enters Leo. It would be a great night for some entertainment.

Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Square Neptune

Tue 11/18/08 Drama and Passion

Its going to be a dramatic day under the Leo Moon, and all that drama may just get us what we want. Most of us will want to be appreciated and recognized for our accomplishments, and there could be lots of romance in the air. People should be very loyal and confident today, and we may be ready to express the passions in our hearts.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Wed 11/19/08 Worry and Conflicts All Day - Busy Evening

Today could begin a bit confusing and out of focus, and around mid morning (early morning west coast), there could be some major misunderstandings. Some of us may be worrying too much today, and there could be conflicts with the opposite sex late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Our passions will arise early this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we will ready to get busy tonight as the Moon enters Virgo. Some of us may stay up too late, so make yourself go to bed if you have important appointments tomorrow.

Major Planetary Events Today: 4th Quarter Moon

Thu 11/20/08 Inspiration and Determination

We are going to be ready to clean, scour, and get down to the details of any situation today under the Virgo Moon. Conversations will be important, so keep the phone handy. Inspiration is going to be really strong today, and we may find that our efforts payoff exponentially. Group projects will go very well early this afternoon (mid to late morning west coast), and today we may find out that our determination gets us what we want.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Fri 11/21/08 New Approaches

We are going to awaken ready to create and construct our dreams. Most of the morning (through mid morning west coast), we are going to be feeling like nothing can stop us. We may find we have new ideas and new approaches toward old problems today. The Sun will enter Sagittarius late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast), and we may want to get out and enjoy ourselves tonight. Those of us up late may receive some pleasant messages.

Major Planetary Events Today: Jupiter Trine Saturn, Sun Enters Sagittarius

Sat 11/22/08 Relationships, Conversations, and Beauty

Relationships and balance may become foremost on our agendas today under the Libra Moon, and it will be a great day for any kind of group projects or social events. We may find ourselves feeling especially energetic (or aroused) late this morning (mid morning west coast), and its going to be an excellent day for passionate conversations and settling arguments. We may also decide to spend some time beautifying our environments or ourselves. It would be a great day to visit the spa or redecorate the kitchen.

Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sun 11/23/08 Beauty, Balance, and Travel

We may want to get out and visit beautiful places today, and friends and lovers will be important. The Libra Moon will keep us focused on balancing our lives, and it could be a great day for parties and shopping. People may go to extremes this evening (late afternoon west coast), and some of us may overeat at dinner, but our creativity will bounce back tonight (this evening west coast). There could be some romance in the air tonight.

Major Planetary Events Today: Mercury Enters Sagittarius

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