Friday, October 03, 2008

Astrology Forecast For October 2008

By Janet (Sparrow) Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

As October begins we will be ready to tackle any problem, and we will be looking ahead as the month ends. There are only going to be 3 days of negative planetary aspects this whole month. So, get ready and get busy, its going to be a great October for parties, love, and politics.

Mars and Pluto will be holding hands as October begins and Ramadan ends. We will be ready to embrace our passions with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

The weekend of October 4th and 5th could bring some excellent parties, and some of us will be in the mood to redecorate. But, by Sunday, October 5th, the conflicts will creep in, and on Monday, October 6th, we could be overreacting and worrying. All should calm down by Tuesday, and as we approach the end of the week we may come up with some very unique ideas about our relationships and our surroundings.

The second negative day of this month will occur on Saturday October 11th as Venus picks a fight with Neptune. Venus is money, and Neptune is addiction -- watch out for gambling and investing. Venus is also love and relationships, so there could be some delusions and fickle behavior over the weekend. And, and few of us may just get drunk and flirt with everybody in the bar.

By Columbus Day, Monday, October 13th, the romance will return, and creativity will be strong. Even though Mercury will be at his direct station on Wednesday, October 15th, we may hardly even notice. Usually a planet turning from retrograde to direct motion (direct station) is the most difficult day of the whole retrograde. But with all the planets in such a good mood, we may not even care about a few communication problems and travel delays.

Venus will enter Sagittarius on October 18th, and we should find that the romance gets turned up a notch. We will be ready to move forward with our relationships, and some of us will be ready to travel.

The Sun will kiss Pluto just before he enters Scorpio on October 22nd, and our passions will be unleashed. Everything we do the week of October 20th will be from our hearts and our souls.

The third negative aspect will occur over the weekend of October 25th, as Mercury, finally moving forward, decides to square off with Jupiter one more time. Think before you speak, and don't make any major decisions until Monday. Because, by Monday, we will be thinking clearly and ready to act on our judgments.

In fact, we have 3 outer planets and Mars lining up to create some very interesting geometry as we finish up the month. Outer planets affect us more as a community, rather and individually. Jupiter is increasing speed after his retrograde, and he will catch up to Saturn, with Mars right in the middle, as this aspect begins again.

And, Saturn will be beginning a standoff with Uranus that will peak in November. We are going to be ready to act on our moral beliefs, and we will be taking a strong look at our political candidates. And, with Uranus in the mix, there could be some unexpected changes of heart just before the American elections. You can read my article, "Jupiter Trine Saturn - Ready to Work Hard," to find out more about the Jupiter and Saturn aspect, and please watch for my article about Saturn Oppose Uranus coming in just a few weeks.

Most of October should be grand and even romantic, but with every good aspect, a negative aspect is not far behind. There will be some hellacious challenges in November, especially around election day. So, take advantage of the good days this month, and check back next month to find out more.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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