Friday, September 05, 2008

Frog Talk in Sacramento

Chet Blackburn, botanist, author, and expert on native plants in California will be talking about frogs and their connection to bromeliads.

WHERE: Shepard Garden Center in McKinley Park
WHEN: Wed., Sept. 17, 2008 7-9pm
COST: NONE - Open to the public

Many different kinds of small frogs live in and around bromeliads and are dependent upon them for survival. In South America, two groups of frogs in particular, the marsupial frogs and the poison dart frogs use them as breeding grounds, and often in very unique ways.

But as anyone who grows bromeliads outdoors in any part of the world knows, even frogs that have never seen a bromeliad before have a strong affinity for them and often select them as homes.

PLANT TABLE: Tillandsias, carnivorous plants and assorted others

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER of the Sacramento Bromeliad & Carnivorous Plant Society to attend.

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Chet's talks are always interesting, and usually downright fascinating. Hope to see you there!...Tara