Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily Astrology Forecast For the Week of Sept. 29 - Oct. 5, 2008

By Janet (Sparrow) Moon

General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Mon 9/29/08 Relationships and Beauty

We will be ready to take a new look at our relationships and our surroundings today under the Libra New Moon. It could be another creative day, but watch out for over spending, over eating, or over talking late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast). It should be a great night for social events, redecorating, and enjoying our significant other.
Major Planetary Events Today: New Moon in Libra 4:12 AM EDT

Tue 9/30/08 Creative Thoughts and Polite People

Our minds will be active this morning (east coast), and by mid morning (early morning west coast) our creativity will be in full swing. People will be polite and cooperative on this day of Rosh Hashanah. Early tonight (this evening west coast) we may feel motivated to act our emotions, but our inspirations may fizzle out later.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Wed 10/1/08 Take on the World and Win

Its going to be a passionate day under the Scorpio Moon, and we are going to be able to take on anything life throws at us. It will be a good day for solving mysteries, uncovering the truth, and just plain old troubleshooting. Our emotions may get a little distorted early this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we may feel like our self-esteems are taking a dive. But, it will pass quickly. We may find ourselves staying up late working on a special project.
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Thu 10/2/08 Giving 100%

Even though we may not have gotten much sleep last night, we will awaken feeling rested and ready to work. We will give 100% to anything we do today, even the drive home from work. The feelings may get too intense this evening (mid afternoon west coast), and we may find ourselves turning to our addictions for comfort. Late this evening (late afternoon west coast) our emotions may flatten as the Moon goes void of course, and we may want to spend some time alone on this last day or Ramadan.
Major Planetary Events Today: Mars Sextile Pluto

Fri 10/3/08 Sparkle and Optimism

There are absolutely no aspects today: major, minor, lunar, planetary, anything. And, that means today is up to us. The Moon will be in sparkly and optimistic Sagittarius. So get out, follow your dreams, and make your day!
Major Planetary Events Today: None

Sat 10/4/08 Romance and Fun

Our masculine and feminine sides could be tickling us today, and we may just want to go outside and play under the sunshine. There could be lots of romance in the air, and some of the more timid may even speak up. We may have to take a break and actually do some work this evening (late this afternoon west coast), but a friend may call within a few hours and we will be ready to drop our toils.
Major Planetary Events Today: Mars Enters Scorpio

Sun 10/5/08 I am the Center of the Universe

We are going to think that the world is ours to take today, but we may find ourselves overreacting to what someone says or does. Too many of us may think that we are the center of the universe today, and that could lead to personal and internal conflicts. If we can stay grounded and think before we act, we may actually have some fun today. Its up to us.
Major Planetary Events Today: Venus Sextile Jupiter

About the author: Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading.

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