Friday, August 22, 2008

The Month of Virgo 2008 Forecast

By Sharita Star

Virgo is our second mutable and earth sign upon
the Zodiac Wheel. The collective naturally gravitates
to the richest time of harvest as the summer
season is soon to come to a close. With the
guidance of The Messenger, the month ahead
will be filled with plenty of knowledge, attention
to detail, and selfless tasks. Look around to the
people in your life who make all of the behind
the scenes things happen without missing a
beat, and the Virgin will not be far away, making
sure the job gets done correctly.

Within this month of Virgo both current transits
of Mercury and Venus move straight ahead into
Libra. As Virgo’s natural ruler visits the sign of
relationships, we can see the collective’s thinking
and mentality yearning for balance and

Value-oriented Venus urges all types of
partnerships to seek to understand one another.
September 7th to the 9th look to your
Libra ruled Zodiac house for the most dynamic
changes to occur as these inner planets catch
up with the driving energy of Mars.

Jupiter leaves a 4-month Retrograde period and
moves forward during its’ year-long visit in Capricorn.
If these last few months have shown some
pause dear Goats, fear not, as your full luck and
fortune returns, as well as for those experiencing
a Jupiter Return. The Capricorn piece of
your “Zodiac Pie” will be where that the spirit of
optimism will optimally be engaged.

Pluto returns to Direct motion after its’ 5 month
Retrograde visit and returns to the last 2 degrees
of Sagittarius. The planet of long-term transformation
will make this last passage for a couple
hundred years until Thanksgiving.

The collective is advised to stimulate
ultimate faith in human nature while gaining
confidence in one’s prophetic abilities. Any soul
currently living on the Earth will not ever see
Pluto reenter Sagittarius again; with it’s vast elliptical
orbit, it will not do so until 2242!

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