Monday, August 04, 2008

August 2008 Divascopes

By Leah Quinn

Divascopes for August 2008


You may be tired of the rut you think you have been in, but frankly, you have made great strides though you may not think this. Reflect with your best girlfriends, and they will definitely show you just how much you have accomplished. Don't be shy, this month you should shine with your tireless energy. Do take time though to get to bed early every once in a while to calm those little nerves. You know something is about to happen, and you are right. Now wouldn't you like to look your best when it happens? Of course, darling, get your beauty sleep this month and you will outshine those competitors next month.


You have been overindulging a bit and the only one that knows is you, fortunately, you have been exercising to boot that booty of yours into shape. Take off those silly earphones and look around, there may be someone ready to help you with your next workout and fancy meal who is eagerly just wanting to start a conversation with you, but if you have the world tuned out, you will not see a thing. Once you do, you will all of the sudden, see a variety of new possibilities to bring new sparks into your love life.


Don't be getting yourself down that summer is almost over! In fact you have a least another 2 months of warm summer weather, why worry? And why worry at all? You have been over fretting yourself - don't you know this causes wrinkles on that gorgeous face of yours? To avoid this, take some pampering time for just yourself. If you can't afford a spa treatment, simply create one for yourself. Find a great food facial, make it up at home, and sit back with your favorite music on and relax! Also, if you can, if you haven't started to already, try meditating. Sneak it in during the early mornings when no one in your household is yet awake. You will start a new trend and will love what it does to your mental health.


Somehow, though June which has been your birthday month, you haven't really felt like celebrating. Now why is that? Only you know for sure, but you shouldn't sulk that a relationship didn't come to fruition. There is a really good reason why. It is because it wasn't meant to be - so why keep going over and over in your mind what you did wrong? You did nothing wrong, it is just that the universe sees something much better for you in the very near future. So you better start smiling, since you will attract them that much faster than by going about your day smirking and sulking. And in fact, host a small dinner party and invite some newbie's over to start things on a roll - they just might know someone who is perfect for you.


So it is your birthday month, why have you been working so hard? You have been taking on way too much responsibility when you are not getting paid what you are worth. One of these days, it is going to take its toll on you, but you can prevent this by putting your foot down and promptly. Your business partners are a bit daft when it comes to realizing you need some serious time off just to nap and rejuvenate yourself. If you don't speak up, they will never know. When it comes to your sweetie, they have been patiently waiting for you to return to your happy self - they will wait for only so much more. If you want the relationship to keep going, act now to make those changes you need. They will be more than happy to show they still really really care for you. If you don't, I am afraid you just might lose out on something that is really good for you and your soul.


Feel proud you kept your job this month, it has been so hard, and so many of your friends have been struggling, it's time to reel in the reins so to speak, on your own spending. Try being a little more green this month and you will find yourself having more green in your pocket and growing savings account. Find new ways to pamper your baby without spending crazy money. With all those spa treatments available to you in our own bathroom, how about giving your sweetie a sacred bath with floating flowers (such as daisies) with lit candles? Your sweetie will not only thank you, but will keep you up all night thanking you back, so I would suggest doing this on Saturday night, so that you can order Chinese food in the next day - oh meow!


Is that relationship getting a bit stale? And whose fault it that!? Why blame anyone, including you? Now is the time to clear out your closet, yes once again. Find those old shoes you never wear and some of those old t-shirts and pass them on to someone else who could really use them. Not only will you feel lighter, you will feel refreshed to rejoin your friends who have been missing your company at weekly gatherings. Leave the sweetie at home or go out without them if they are in a brooding mood. It is not your fault. You shouldn't have to suffer from someone else's bad moods - so get out of the house and enjoy the last summer weeks in splendor.


You have been burning the candle on both ends, and this month allows you to stop and take a deep breath so that you can reflect how quickly the summer months have been passing by. This is one of those months you know that you need to start organizing yourself for the coming autumn months when you know it is going to be getting quite crazy at work. So relax this one month, take time out for yourself. Set your goals down on paper. Do you need to review your five year plan? August is the perfect month to do just that. If you still wish to go out, find interesting ways to save your money but yet still have a fantastic time. Make sandwiches at home and find the perfect picnic spot for you and your sweetie.


With all the work, you have been doing on your diet; you can start to relax a bit. Though you have been drinking a bit too much caffeine and you know it too, and if it isn't caffeine, it is some other type of stimulant. Try skipping a few days, and you feel instantly feel better about yourself. This month is the month to start doing new things in your life. The planets are with you if you want to start a new budget for that vacation you have wanted to do, and this month your wits return with amazing ways for you to save money and put it aside for that special trip you really want to go by October. Also, take time to go to your nearby farmers market, you may be surprised who you bump into - an old friend or acquaintance from college who may be available to show you a new recipe for ratatouille, which of course will put you in the mood for something new or someone new in your life. Oh yeah! You go girl!


Time for you to get back to school don't you think? OK, if school is not in the cards, pick up a book on a subject you have always wanted to learn about. With the price of things lately, you are very frugal when you need to be, so go into the library, you just might find more than that perfect book on that most interesting subject you have been seeking out - in fact you just might find a new partner to join you at free movie night at the library - who knew they upgraded the library form the duey decimal system? You won't know and learn if you don't get out - so go girl, go!


This summer has had you running about when all you want to do is relax. So relax already! No one is really paying attention if you sneak in a bit of time for yourself - so many of your friends, for their own reasons have been self-absorbed, no reason for you to not do the same. Recharge yourself since September it is going to be back in crazy activity mode for you. Also get to the water, though you are an air sign, as the water carrier, you need to see water moving, it really relaxes your soul for the month of August.


These hot summer weeks have you feeling pretty good lately, but now as summer is simmering down you try to sneak in any extra time at the beach as you can, just be sure to keep using that sun block to keep that pretty first of yours looking extra young. And speaking of looking young, the next time you are at the grocery store, take an extra look at that guy by the veggies, he may not have enough in his basket, ask him what he is planning on doing with the jicama, and you just might find yourself with a dinner date in your own basket. If that doesn't work, try the meat department - oh meow! hint hint nudge nudge wink wink!

About the author: Leah Quinn is a multi-media artist and writer whose work specializes on food, health, feng shui, and self-improvement. Feel free to visit and

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