Sunday, July 27, 2008

Numerology Forecast August 2008

By Laraine Turner

What is the Universal Numerology forecast for August 2008, that'll affect us all?

Well, August this year is Numerologically a 9 month.

9 in Numerology is the highest number apart from getting into the realms of master numbers such as 11,22,33 etc.

9 represents completion - the last phase before new beginnings.

It isn't particularly a number or time for action. It's a spiritual number when everything that you've put effort into should finally come to a successful completion.

It is a very good time for having ideas and planning for the future. But try not to start anything new until September.

As this is a final phase before new beginnings, it would be a perfect time to be kind to yourself and take a holiday. If you can manage to go abroad for a rest, even better as 9 is associated with foreign travel.

If you look at how the number 9 is constructed, it is the nearest number physically to mankind, with its head at the top and a rounded or straight spine.

It is therefore no surprise that it is a time for humanitarianism when the number 9 becomes prominent. Attributes such as understanding, sympathy, compassion and patience should be employed when dealing with others as we're all going through our own dilemmas and tribulations and it's important to remember that.

Don't forget that the number 9 is also a very spiritual number, a number of healing, clairvoyance, counselling and mysticism, so if you are involved in any of those modalities it should be a very good time for you.

As many of you are no doubt trying to sell properties at the moment, August should favour you as a 9 month - it is also a very good time for selling,...anything.

It's not so good for buying though - so hold off on that front for a while!

If I have to concentrate on one aspect of the number 9, I think it has to be the aspect of understanding one another. After all, if we can understand each other, we don't necessarily have to love each other. But if all we can do is learn to tolerate each other through understanding, then the world would surely be a better place.

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