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What to Expect in May 2008

This Monthly Message was channeled from the Akashic Records by
Jen Eramith. Website:

What energy and experiences can we expect during May of 2008?

There is a rush of new energy in May 2008. You will find an enormous
amount of life force energy available to anyone who wants to tap into
and use it in May of 2008. Imagine the energy involved when flower bloom
– that life force energy that is naturally directed where it needs
to be. It creates a fullness. This is what is available to you in May.
Everything is becoming fuller.

It is well known that most of you have had a pretty difficult or intense
year so far. January, February, March and even April have not been the
most comfortable period of time in your lives so far! May is finally the
time when things can make sense to you again. It is as though you catch
up with yourselves beginning in the last week of April. This kind of
energy will likely continue on through May and even through June. While
the challenges in your life will remain and you will need to tend to the
challenges in your lives, you will find that things make more sense than
they have before. The solutions that you try will work better than you
expected, or finally something will work where nothing has worked
before. This is a time when a lot of the questions that you have in your
everyday lives, as well as questions that you have about all of
humanity, start to get answered. May is a time when you are likely to
find a reassuring sense of your own intuition. You are likely to find
evidence that things are in alignment, and even the difficulties serve a
useful purpose.

This is not to say that tragedies will not continue to occur. There is
violence in the world, and there is always a potential for destruction,
but for the most part in your individual lives, there is potential for
things to finally start to come together. The primary experience of May
2008 is likely to be one of fullness, re-energizing and of a sense of
reinvigoration; that is the primary energy of May 2008.

How can we best work with the energy of May 2008?

We say that things are going to feel better and things are going to
start to work better, however the Keepers are not saying that things
will necessarily be easy if you sit back and become passive. More than
ever, it is important to remain awake, alive and accountable for what is
happening in your lives. The best thing you can do is keep your eyes
wide open and be willing to see whatever comes for what it is. Avoid
denial. Then, make decisions about whatever comes. This process of
seeing without denial and actively deciding what to do is likely to be
easy and enjoyable! You can relax your worries, but you must remain
engaged in life!

For those of you going through Enlightenment, there will never be a time
in your lives again when you can stop thinking; when you can just check
out and coast through life without being intentional. That way of being
will probably not work for you ever again. Of course you will rest
sometimes or sit back and relax. This is not a message about being "on
guard," it is a message about being accountable and alive. Imagine the
way young children act when they wake up in the morning -- they jump out
of bed and they are excited to see people, do something, and try new
things. This way of being in Enlightenment brings you back to that way
of being and that kind of joyful engagement with life.

In May, do not look for ways to check out or do not tell yourself, "Hey
this should be easy. Why is this not easy all of the time?" Instead,
whenever there is a challenge just rise to it; assume that everything,
all of the energy that you will need to resolve it, is right there at
hand. Look for it. Use it. You do not need to wait for it, search for
it, jump through hoops or get it right in order to receive the energy
you need -- it is just right here for you in May. Assume the people near
you are here to help; assume the solution to a problem is available
right in front of you. It is all around you!

Another important point in regard to the energy of May is based on your
engagement with people. Most of you will find that it will be important
to notice human interaction and your participation in groups. While
there has been guidance from the Akashic Records, and from other
spiritual leaders or self-help books, most of you have gotten the
message over the last few years that you need to be mindful about whom
you spend your time with. Most of you have had the experience of not
always being very clear on what that means. You may think a friendship
needs to end, then suddenly the friendship turns out to be exactly the
thing that you needed. There are some relationships that have always
been a little tricky for you; it is not always easy to see whether you
should be moving toward it or away from it. In May of 2008, these things
are going to become more clear. More than ever, your human interpersonal
relationships must come into alignment with your highest good. In your
relationships, whenever you are unsure if you have said the right thing,
if you should act or not; whenever you are unsure about staying in any
of your relationships during May 2008, essentially the thing that is
available is absolute surety, absolute unquestioning knowing. Wait for
it. Decide the next step, and keep watching the big picture. It will
become clear.

Even those of you who are experts at second-guessing yourselves, you
will find that if you are unsure of something in May 2008, if you will
sit down and set all of your tasks aside for just a few moments, take a
deep breath, close your eyes and meditate on the thing that is bothering
you or you are unsure about, you will find a sense of surety. Try out
different answers. Imagine that the answer is 'yes' to whatever your
question is, then sit with that and feel what it is like to live with
that answer. Be playful. The instant you try the solution that is best,
you will know. It will click in that magical way that makes everything
clear. In May, if you will be willing to sit down and listen to yourself
and try different solutions in your mind, you will find that click any
time you want it. The key is to be willing to sit down and wait for it.
Do not distract yourself with unimportant tasks. Wait for your intuition
to guide you.

This is an excellent time to practice your own expertise, practice
standing in your own authority or turning to yourself for the answers
rather than seeking them from somewhere else. You can always find more
information from a book, in a speech, from a parent, friend or even an
employer. But for this month, wait for your own authority. Wait for your
own, deeper sense of knowing. It is right here with you now! It is a
wonderful time for self empowerment if you will give yourself time to
find it.

What days will be important in May of 2008?

The time period from the last week of April until May 5 is a time of
transition; when you really start to get used to how much energy you
have at your fingertips. You may find yourselves fumbling a bit, as
someone who gets a new car with a far bigger engine than the one they
had before -- they tap the gas gently and the car rushes forward faster
than they expect. You may find yourselves feeling like you have a bigger
engine for the first few days of May. This is a good opportunity for you
to make small mistakes and practice living with more energy each day.
The best thing you can do is take full accountability for the mistakes
or fumbles that do occur. Any time you do something that you regret, or
something that you wish you could do differently, stop and take
accountability. During these days you have a free pass to revisit the
situation and the person, say you are sorry and explain how you want to
do it differently. Ask if you can start over again. This is the perfect
time to practice!

On May 11, things get fuzzy. With the joy, expansion and energy in May,
things get more clear. As much as you are able to know yourselves better
this month, inevitably you and your lives get bigger, then it takes a
little while for your life to come back into focus again. When a camera
pans out to a larger landscape, the focus can deteriorate until you
adjust it to the new, broader picture. In the same way, on May 11, you
may find things have gotten a bit fuzzy for you. May 11 is a good day to
sit down and get clear again with yourselves. Use the Truth List
exercise from the Vernal Equinox Live Channeling, where you sit down and
make a list of what is true for you every night. This exercise can
continue to be helpful through the month of May, and particularly around
May 11. Simply sit down and write a list of truths -- what is true for
you in that moment. If you will do this regularly, you will find that
your life becomes more focused very easily; things that start to feel a
little unclear get clear for you again.

May 17 provides an experience that is the opposite of May 11. It is as
if things are so clear that it may be painful; like looking directly at
the sun. Sometimes too much light can hurt your eyes or disorient you.
You may find that on May 17 you will feel like teenagers write in text
messages when they say TMI – Too Much Information! Consider this
possibility a few days in advance so that when it happens you do not
need to be disoriented. Just as if you were planning to go out into the
sun and you put on some sunglasses before you step outside. Knowing that
May 17 may be a little startling or overwhelming in advance can help you
deal with what comes, or at least help you not panic if you feel

May 31 is an energetic gateway; it is a Star Gate. This is an energetic
portal open to all of humanity to download information from the higher
realms. Now, remember, all of you can do this any time you wish, but
during a Star Gate, it occurs for each of you all at one time. It is a
higher dimensional portal of energy. It is for your benefit. Every
person reacts differently to a Star Gate. Some people find that it
overwhelms them and they want to sleep the whole time, which is a very
efficient way to download information. If you feel sleepy on or around
May 31, sleep more to get the rest you need. Other people may feel
activated by this Star Gate, and cannot sleep at all. Either way, take
good care of yourselves; manage your bodies carefully in the days just
before May 31 and especially on the day, itself. Depending on who you
are and what your soul has agreed to do, you may be downloading a lot of
energy from your Higher Self.

For those of you moving through Enlightenment, there are some days when
you feel "spacey." It may be that you cannot keep track of things, or
that time seems to "slip away from you." This occurs because, at a
higher level, you are tuning into something higher than yourself --
usually some kind of healing energy. Often, people pray for healing and
then they wonder why they feel so spacey or lost, when actually the
feeling is the experience of receiving that healing energy. It will
become important for you to give some time and space in your life for
the energy that you ask for from Spirit. It takes you some time to
integrate that energy. Give yourself that time, care, and attention
around May 31. Be gentle, stay grounded, eat well, and sleep a lot!

It seems as though several of the past months have been characterized
with upheaval in many different areas of the world, in particular
Africa. Will this continue in May? Will May bring increased challenges
with the world's food supply and are there things that we can do to

Yes, yes and yes. Yes there will continue to be unrest in Africa, Middle
Eastern Asia and in China. Yes there will continue to be food shortages
in Africa and across the world. Yes there are things you can do to help.
The way that this trajectory interacts or intersects with the energy of
May is that the fullness in May brings a swelling of attention, things
that could have been swept under the rug or hidden before are nearly
impossible to hide at this point. In May you are likely to see more
information come to the surface regarding food shortages and how they
affect people. It is not necessarily that the food shortages are
increasing, it is the consequences and awareness of food shortages that
are increasing. Humanity is catching up with itself and, in doing so,
you see more of the damage that has occurred. However, you also can see
the growth that has occurred, particularly in your ability to come
together and intentionally improve your collective experience. You are
empowered to heal yourselves, as a human family, in a way you have never
been empowered before. This is what you can begin to comprehend in May

There is a trajectory for the planet that is evident as you read the
latest news. This trajectory continues. This month, you will see an
upsurge in news about it. It will become even more widely covered by
your media; it will become even more apparent to all of you so that even
if you do not pay much attention to the news, you will find that your
attention is drawn to this. Part of the fullness of energy means that
everything becomes more visible. In the past, all of this information
about what is happening in the world -- as well as information about
what is happening in your individual lives, such as who is good for you
and not good for you, what directions you should take or what the
possibilities are in any given choice you might make -- all of that
information in the past would have been completely overwhelming to you.
Because of the Enlightenment process and the challenges you have faced
in your own lives, you are now able to process this information and have
it open your heart rather than overwhelm you and close you down.

The challenge in May of 2008, for every human being on the planet, is to
pay attention and open your hearts at the same time. This may sound
simple, but it is actually not common for people to do both at the same
time. In the past when you would pay attention to suffering at a global
level such as this, in order to save yourself, you had to close
yourselves off; you have had to not pay attention or not really feel it.
There are a few of you who have kept your hearts open and you have felt
the weight of the world. You will be joined by others now. You will
carry this together. There is an open invitation in the month of May and
June when it is possible for you now to open your eyes and hearts at the
same time, to really see and feel what is happening to many people on
the planet and to actually let it soften you. Let it help you feel more
connected to people.

For most of you, this will lead to some kind of action whether it is
donating money, traveling to Africa, writing a letter or inviting
refugees to your home; there are a million different possible actions
you can take. For most of you there will be an action that best suits
your journey, but from the perspective of the entire month, we cannot
really prescribe what that will be for you as individuals. For some of
you it will be in prayer, for others it will mean dropping everything
and moving to Africa. It is up to you to ask yourself what is best for
you to do; what action does your heart lead you to most readily? This is
a perfect example of when to use the exercise in which you ask yourself
what to do and then you wait for an answer and for that click of knowing
something in your deepest heart.

You will see more hearts opening in May and you will find that on a
political scale governments and other institutions of power will be less
able to remain distant from the effects of their actions. They will be
less able to say that they are trying their best when they are not, or
to say that they never meant to hurt anyone when they really did. Watch
for scandalous information in your news about the behaviors of
governments and corporations. Do your best to continue to watch for the
signs of how much people are healing in the world even as the suffering
and the scandal is coming to light. Again, there is an enormous amount
of life force energy available to each of you, so that you are finally
safe to open your hearts and cry for the suffering that occurs in the
world without getting lost or damaged in the process. Your hearts are
safe – they can finally break open.

The Guides talked a little bit about Ascension and what would happen
during the month of May for people who are going through Ascension. Do
they have any other information about that?

Going through Ascension is essentially the same thing as Enlightenment.
Ascension is the physical process by which people move into and through
Enlightenment. Enlightenment is who you are and who you are becoming as
you move into Light. Ascension is the process by which your physical,
emotional, and mental fields change in accordance with your
Enlightenment. You can assume that whatever you are experiencing in the
process of Ascension is the same as in Enlightenment.

As you are moving through Enlightenment, otherwise known as the process
of Ascension, the two primary points in regard to May are to turn to
yourself as your own highest authority and to open your heart. Any time
you feel yourself checking out and not paying attention to what is
before you, stop and ask, "What am I afraid of?" Ask how you can connect
to whatever it is that you are closing yourself off from.

For many of you going through Enlightenment (most of you listening or
reading), you are likely to find an up-swell of emotion during the month
of May. Coming with the fullness of energy, if you are really taking
advantage of this opportunity to look and see and keep your heart open,
then you are likely to have a lot of feelings during the month. You are
likely to find yourself crying or giggling often; do not shy away from
expressing emotions. If you are a person who finds that it is not always
easy to access your emotions, this would be an excellent time to go to
therapy, talk deeply with a trusted friend, or even watch a movie or
read a book that touches your heart. Only you will know what touches
your heart. Some people say, "This book is so touching." But you read it
and it did not really do anything for you. Do not listen to other people
as to what will touch your heart. You know when you feel that sweetness
of your tender heart. Move toward that this month. There is no reason to
avoid it. Find ways to feel your emotions. It will be vitally important
for your psychological and physical health moving forward in the process
of Enlightenment that you keep your emotions with you as you move
through all of this energy in May. Do not leave them behind. It will be
much harder to help your emotional self catch up with you later on. Keep
your heart open; keep feeling things.

For people who have been having a difficult time with their romantic
partners in April and the last few months, what will the platform be for
romantic relationships? Will there still be this unrest and how can we
create more harmony with our partners?

This is the reason that the Keepers have directed Jen to host a
three-part series of Live Channelings regarding romantic love. This is
such an important question at this time on Planet Earth. We will talk
about this in regard to May, and you can find much more information
regarding romantic love in the Live Channelings.

In regard to May, you are likely to find that things get easier in your
life partnerships and also in your business partnerships or other kinds
of partnerships you may have in your life. In your close committed
relationships, best friendships, spouses -- in any version of a close
commitment, you are likely to find that things just feel easier. A lot
of the things that bothered you before are likely to not bother you so
much even though they will still be there. The things that overwhelmed
you before when you thought, "Oh gosh, he or she is just driving me
crazy. I do not know if I can take this" -- now you will be able to see
and relax. You are likely to see the things that were difficult for the
last few months and you just laugh and laugh. This things become funny
and the two of you can make jokes about how intense you have been with
each other. You will have more energy to address your differences in May
than you did earlier in the year.

The energy in May can provide a very welcome break from the turmoil and
intensity of trying to work things out when they are not working very
well. That being said, if you are in a partnership that does not serve
your higher self or your best interest in your life, it is not going to
get easier in May -- it is going to get harder. In May, with all that
energy coming through, there is not much room for restriction; there is
not much room for holding your breath and hoping nothing changes.
Instead it is as if opening the doors wide when a strong breeze is
blowing -- the wind is going to come through and invigorate and freshen
the air. But if you are trying to hold on and not move, it is only going
to get worse or more uncomfortable. If you find in May that your
partnerships become more difficult than ever, you might consider ending
the partnership or revising the contract between you.

If, on the other hand, you find that things get more intense but it
becomes funny and you can make jokes about it, then keep trying. There
is more for you to learn. If you have tried to talk something through
with a partner and it has not worked so far this year, try it in May.
You are likely to find that things are going to go better even if they
did not go well before; there is just a different energy. If they
continue to get more difficult then you might want to ask yourself if
this is where you really want to be. Having a difficulty with a
partnership is not unusual in the world and it is usually not
necessarily a sign that you are not meant to be in the relationship. But
at this time it may be a sign. The energy of May can be an amplifier and
therefore it can be a clarifier; it can help you actually see if you
should be in it or not based on if it gets easier or harder this month.

Is there anything else the Keepers wish for us to know about the month
of May?

A final thing is that with all this energy coming through, it would
serve all of you to look back at the monthly messages of April, March,
February, January and December. Look at your journals and reflect on
your personal life through the last five months. You have been called to
focus on things, to figure out what you are really doing or to get rid
of the things that are standing in your way. There are all kinds of ways
you have been called to do that and you have done it whether you were
trying to or not. It can be apparent to you, now more than ever, what is
important in your life and what is not important.

In May, you will have more energy on a daily basis to get things done
and to engage with life. If you have a sense of your focus, if you have
a sense of the top five priorities in your life, you are going to use
that energy far better. You will be happier with what you did looking
back on the month if you develop that focus in advance. Look back on
where you have been going, where you have been so far, what direction
you have been trying to take in your life and see if you cannot harvest
some of the energy that comes to you in May to really take some steps
forward in the things that are most important to you. List the top five
things in your life, the very most important things, post those things
on your desk, by your bed or on your bathroom mirror so all month long
you remind yourself where you want to put your energy. You will be so
much more pleased with yourself in July if you do that. Otherwise, if
ever there was a month to enjoy, this is it! Watch for opportunities to
giggle, especially with other people. Watch for opportunities to invest
your energy in something that excites you. Especially this month, there
is no reason to hold yourselves back!

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