Friday, May 16, 2008

Saturn Direct In Virgo - May 2, 2008 - Dec.30, 2008

By Hui Ng

Saturn Direct In Virgo - Cleaning Out The Skeletons In Our Closets

Saturn turned direct on May 2, 2008 at 8:07pm, signaling a new phase of accountability, responsibility and hard work. As a Saturn-ruled native (Capricorn), I am no stranger to the lessons Saturn is trying to impart and the effects of Saturn Return. The effects of Saturn in Retrograde motion may have been hard felt by many in the past few months pertaining to work routine, health-related issues and daily tasks.

Since Saturn is the planet of trials and tribulations, it limits what one does by acting as a resistance against his or her best efforts. Saturn in Virgo is probably one of the easier Saturn influences to work with, since the planet feels relatively at ease in the Earth signs, being the ruling planet of Capricorn (the third Earth sign in the zodiac wheel). The element of Earth is naturally associated with the manifestation of results in the physical world and mastering of the material realm of things.

Virgo is the sign of service and work-related issues, of health concerns and discrimination in daily tasks, routine and schedule. It is also symbolic of the purification process, of discernment and making decisions based on sound logical thought processes and rationalization.

When Saturn meets Virgo, there is often a crisis revolving around issues pertaining to scheduling and day-to-day details. Neurosis seems to accompany this placement as one gets buried under piles of responsibilities. Nitty-gritty details can show up in one's life and manifest themselves as imperfections. The propensity towards workaholism is real here, as there is a deep urge to serve others and prove oneself useful in work-related issues.

Nevertheless, if you were born with Saturn in Virgo (i.e. in the midst of your first or second Saturn Return now), this will be an eventually more significant period for you. You will probably feel a great urge to retreat from the crowd and hibernate in your cave of choice now. The question of what it truly means to be of service may hit you hard at this time - what about this deeper need to serve YOURSELF? Are you taking enough time out to recharge internally, feeling alone rather than lonely?

Saturn in Virgo generally encourages everyone to work on simplicity in all areas of life and take silent retreats whenever possible. If there are problems regarding work scheduling and routine, it is advisable to take up some courses dealing with organization and time management. Of course, it is imperative for all to clean up and organize all aspects of life by eliminating workaholic tendencies and getting a consistent daily schedule.

If you listen hard to the messages that Saturn in Virgo is trying to impart to you, you will undoubtedly observe a feeling of wholesomeness arising in you. By going through a period of detoxification from worry, obsessiveness and perfectionist tendencies, Saturn will bring you closer to simplicity, humility, service and integration. Work becomes a representation of the inner spiritual balance of your psyche, instead of a heavy self-inflicted responsibility. Despite inner chaos of the mind appearing in the areas of work and health, there is immense potential to get in touch with the most basic of needs - the need to take care of your inner being first.

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About the Author: Hui Ng is an experienced astrological consultant, adviser and expert in the fields of analyzing chart information for purposes of self-understanding, resolution of karmic issues and partner compatibility (composite & synastry). She also has a strong interest in Spirituality, Numerology, Palmistry (Hand Analysis).

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