Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jupiter Retrograde May 9 - Sept. 8, 2008

By Rohan Joshi
Blog: RJ's Astro

Jupiter goes retrograde at 22 Capricorn (and by opposite sign, 22 Cancer ) on May 9 2008. The effects of retrograde Jupiter will be prominent on Capricorn sun sign people particularly those born on January 13th, will receive maximum retrograde energy of Jupiter. The opposite sign, Cancer, will also feel the effects with those born on July 14th will be receiving the full energy and will directly affected.

Those who have a natal Jupiter retrograde will have a great time. They will make out quite well during this retrograde phase, May 9, 2008 through September 8, 2008! Many opportunities along with good strong religious beliefs are coming their way. They may get gifts, Grace of God, pay raises, opportunities in general, so be prepared.

Native with Capricorn Sun sign is going to feel the luck has been turned off or turned down to a dwindling pittance due to retrograde Jupiter. Cancer people will have to work twice as hard to get desired success. So tighten your money belt, be pragmatic and realistic because if you do so you'll get through this period well.

People with planets or Ascendant in 19 to 25 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer are going to be feeling the pressure most and particularly those who have 22 degrees, the degree that Jupiter turns retrograde on. Expect challenge on every level of your life....mentally, physically and spiritually. This is a time of a strategic retreat or re-look at your options and plans. Rethink the philosophical challenges and religious beliefs. Engage yourself in philanthropic work. Reevaluate previous beliefs, legal matters, and management policies. Plan your work accordingly so that when Jupiter goes direct September 8, 2008 you will then receive the good news from all your hard work and efforts.

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