Sunday, May 18, 2008

Earth Changes; The Way Up

From Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Newsletter MAY 2008

So, the Earth Changes that we all anticipated are upon us. This is why
lightworkers such as yourself are on this planet at this time. We are
here as role-models of peacefully walking through these changes, and
staying centered in love instead of fear.

The angels have shown me an energy field that looks like a thick layer
hovering over the earth. They said that we have the choice of living
below this energy field, or above it. You live below it by becoming
fearful about the news stories of earth changes. You live above the
energy field by taking healthy action and staying centered in love.

Healthy action steps to take right now, in preparation for continued
earth changes include:

* Keep your thoughts and speech positive and uplifted, especially when
discussing earth changes. If you are with people who are having
fear-based discussions about the earth, it's part of your life purpose
to steer the conversation in uplifting ways. For instance, you can talk
about positive action steps to take, such as donating time, money, or
supplies to places that have endured earth changes; taking eco-friendly
measures such as driving less, installing solar heating, recycling,
avoiding plastic shopping bags, etc.

* Pray for the earth every day, and ask what you can do to help. Then
take those action steps without delay.

* Purify your diet, so that you can more easily hear the Divine voice,
which is like the Emergency Broadcast System that will guide you safely
through the earth changes. Stop eating processed foods now, as they are
blocking you from hearing the Divine voice clearly. Simple foods, such
as uncooked organic fruits and vegetables that you buy locally or grow
yourself, are the way to go.

The Earth is alive and loving, and she's taking action to heal herself.
Your angels are watching over you and your loved ones, and they are
always broadcasting messages that will ensure your well-being and
safety, as well as guiding you along the path of your life purpose. As
long as we work hand-in-hand with our Divine guidance, we will live
through the Era of Earth Changes with much spiritual growth.

The angels say that we put too much pressure upon human relationships,
demanding that they live-up to our unconscious memories of heaven's
unconditional love. The love that you crave is actually a longing to
merge with Divine love, which is all-encompassing and consistent. Human
love wobbles and wavers, in contrast, as fear inter-fears with the
expression of love within relationships.

Divine love is continuously within and around you. God and the angels
are your steady companions. Ask them for a sign of this love, and they
will deliver a comforting validation. In your relationships with people,
adopt the angels' practice of overlooking the ego's fear-based
behaviors. See the love and light within yourself and others, and don't
demand that they live up to the perfect love of Heaven. Know that every
person, including yourself, is doing the best that they can do.

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