Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Numerology Forecast for March 2008

By Laraine Turner

Website: www.oceannumerology.com

This month's numerology forecast is all about 'taking care of your business' as universally we are all on a 4 month.

Now, for some of you that may quite literally mean a Business that you own or run. But for most of us I believe that this is meant more generally and could relate to family matters; a sport you're involved in; a decision regarding whether to move or not or quite simply whether to financially commit to something.

Whatever it is, it is your 'business' & it is something that is taking up quite a lot of your waking hours at the moment.

This 'business' is going to involve change and that change is going to mean more responsibility.

The change is fundamentally a long-term change and so, this month you will find yourself devising plans that when realised in the fullness of time will create something long-lasting & solid.

Coupled with this may come a sense of fear as everything will seem out of reach & too far away to help with the situations that you're facing now.

I'm afraid that this is the boring bit about a Universal 4 month. But what the 4 month is screaming out is that you have to put down foundations in order to then, eventually reap what you sow!

When? Who knows?

That's where a personal numerology forecast chart can help!

The only way to ensure that you will eventually be able to benefit from all this effort & planning is to deal with details; research everything well; don't overlook anything & be thorough.

Test everything for workability, practicalities and leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of perfection.

There's no guarantee that you'll reach perfection as that's subjective but "When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either" Leo Burnett (1891-1971)

The number 4 is a practical number.

Within sacred geometry, the number 4 is the first number to have 3 dimensions & so it joins in and relates solidly & materially with us in our 3 dimensional world.

The number 3 relates to the Triangle (2 dimensional) and is still concerned wholly with Spirituality.

The number four relates to the pyramid (which is made up of 4 triangles) and therefore can harness and manifest the Spirituality, bringing it to the attention of our 3-dimensional world!

Therefore, March 2008 is an excellent time to get our Spiritual messages broadcast!

Listen well!

Let me be your personal Numerologist in 2008. All of my readings and insights are worked out by me. I don't use software at all. I just put my 15 years experience and intuition into everything I do. It costs nothing to join my free newsletter which you can subscribe to at my site http://www.oceannumerology.com

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