Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Month of Aries 2008 Astrology Forecast

By Sharita Star

SPRING IS HERE upon the Equinox here in the West as we once again begin another turn of our zodiac wheel. Always first in line in life while leading the way is Aries to start us off. Known to be headstrong they are symbolized by the Ram. The mighty and pioneering force of Mars is the energy guiding this Cardinal Fire Sign. Like a match, their spirit brings a spark of light to all they touch in their lifetime.

A Ram must guard themselves as they evolve from gravitating to their innate negative qualities of becoming self-unaware, careless, childish, impatient, or controlling. These natives constantly deal with self-assertions and should allow these to be explored, but always with the awareness of what is circulating around them beyond their own sense of self. The development of a relaxed pace equally fueled by intensity and an attention span that includes productive teamwork with others allows their brilliant inventions to see rewarding outcomes.

The properties of Aries rule the first Zodiac House in the natal birth chart. This is the piece of the "pie" that represents the area of life that follows our Ascendant or Rising Sign- signifying the initial impression we have to things in life, how the world views us, and our general approach to anything. As one views their own natal chart, the House Aries energy falls (the Rising Sign will determine how each sign is placed within the individual chart) is the one area of where there will be an independent and leading force. Any planets that may be placed in Aries in the birth chart also take on their natural expression in the personality through the qualities of this fearless sign.

Our Sun's transit through Aries marks the very beginning of our Zodiac Wheel's renewal as the collective celebrates the birth of Spring. The full moon in Libra immediately upon the 21st marks a placid peak of lunar energy where we can expect the potential for an intensity of sensitive emotions yearning for a peaceful balance in relationships. As with any full moon period, monitoring our sense of calm soothes the tendency towards heightened emotional reactions. Making note of this energy while it passes through the Libra ruled house within your natal birth chart is essential to manifest the proper responses for success.

The furthest outer planet Pluto now enters a long retrograde period, where we can expect reflection upon the Capricorn ideals of ambition, perseverance, and conservatism. Pluto dips back into Sagittarius upon June 14th until it goes Direct upon September 8th, allowing another passage of retrospect upon the faith in human nature, freedom and right orientation. The 01 degrees Capricorn to 28 degrees Sagittarius portion of your natal birth chart is the specific area of life this Pluto retrograde period will affect.

The genuine stir of Spring ultimately begins as we see the Moon, Mercury and Venus all joining the Sun in Aries by April 5th. Emotions, mentalities and values are all super charged with active, enthusiastic, forceful and at times restless energy. Alertness and spontaneity stimulates the collective's thoughts while romantic adventure is easily aroused with unrestrained affections. Look to your Aries piece of the natal birth chart to see the area of your life where undoubtedly there will be an independent and driving strength over this time.

May courage, selfless acts and the Aries pioneering spirit guide you in light this month.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: She resides between the ever-changing New York City and the beauty of upstate New York while currently finishing her first book.

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