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DivaScopes for March 2008

By Leah Quinn
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As March begins, we are all waiting for warmer weather for those us of hit hard by this winter's last brouhaha's, but alas, the weather will soon turn around allowing everyone to relax just a little bit more. Some of the signs are extra hot this month, so check out what I wrote for your sign, then check out the horoscope for your sweetie so that you can truly help them this month.

The New Moon is on March on Friday March 7th - so for any of you trying out those neat feng shui wealth attracting tips I wrote about earlier, this is when you should start them, always when the moon is waxing (gathering energy to become full) vs. waning (decreasing in energy after the full moon).

March has you getting energized for the warmer months about to come. You are already checking out the seeds to start growing your gardens or in your windowsills, but hold up just yet on any spending. Save yourself a little money for taking that someone special out for an extra thank you, since they helped you so much last month. And you know who I mean! It may not necessarily be your significant other, but that pal who always helps you when you are in a bind. They could really use your extra thank you and they will be there for you every time in the future. Especially when you are one of those people who never need help, but rather help others. Now is the time to give back.

This March should find you following your head more than your heart; you know you need time off to take care of yourself. So even if you can't take time off of work, do take better care of yourself this month. Try to tend to all the small details, and the larger details will take care of themselves this March. Plan to spend some time alone with yourself too. When was the last time you took a sauna or put a face mask on? Yes, you might look odd in green, but it makes your skin oh so soft. So before you get ready for Spring with your new wardrobe, take care of the little person inside. Get organized during the last few days of March and you will be ready for April and all that the planets have stored up for you. Oh and do wink back to that flirty person - they have had their eye on you for awhile...who knows you just might end up with a new date for Saturday night!

You are energized and extra bouncy this month due to the energies and planets passing through your sign. Do yourself a favor and relax just a bit. Nothing is going to pass you by. This month if you pay just a little extra attention, you will hear of the perfect opportunity that you will want to jump on and if you are relaxed, you will get what you want right at the right time. Afterwards, you will have thanked your lucky stars that you ever thought you had doubts that you didn't deserve the raise, or perfect new job opportunity. When it comes to love, watch out! You are super hot this month, so go out anytime you can and wear that new outfit you have been saving these last few weeks. Wear something new and you will feel refreshed as much as the new fresh air approaching the skies by the month's end.

March may not bring you many surprises this month, but that doesn't mean new things are not coming your way. First of all, you prepared for these new happenings all February, and finally as March begins you are starting to see all the results of your hard winter work. Whew! This includes having a few extra special nights with that special someone in your life. You are not connected with that special someone yet? Then what are you waiting for, all you simply have to do is change your morning routine, just a little, try a different place to grab your latte, and voila, Mr. Right is right before your very eyes. And they love a lot of the things that you do to. By month's end, you will be making new plans and that includes putting a few extra plates out for dinner as you serve up some new dishes to wow your new friends.

You are all about treating yourself this month, but do reach out and treat a few others in your life with your gorgeous glow that you got going this month - it's contagious! Your sunny disposition is greatly needed for a few of your friends that may not have your bright outlook, so do yourself and them a favor and share just a little more of yourself this month, and the rewards will be greater than you could ever imagine. If you want to be freshly inspired, get out and about to a new art show, find something creative that you would not normally do and you will find new creative ways to be inspired in the bedroom. Oh yes and big high Oh Meow! You go girl! I'll leave those certain details to you to think up.

If you had a hard February especially with the extra day (the 29th), fret not, this month you will be much more relaxed than you have been in weeks. If you feel as if you have been hanging in for way too long in a broken-down relationship - and if this is you - now is the time to free your leash, since after the new moon, you will be stronger and might just find the time you need to take care of yourself. Another note, work is going great this month - despite it if you think your boss has not noticed, they have. They are just shoring up their words, since they too are a little worried about the economy. So bless your lucky stars this month and you will find that things are going smoother than usual.

People will be surprised at the new step in your life as you saunter in and out of the work, they will wonder what you had in your coffee or tea this morning. Do yourself a favor, and don't tell them - at least not yet. You know you feel different this month, but who knew it would show. The hard work you put in with all your worrying last month has placed you in strong hands this month where the planets lay. You will have a stronger sense of self, your renewed spirit is glowing, and this is reminding people to do the same. So now, you can tell them: 'Sleep a few extra hours on the weekend, and eat your veggies and you too will feel like the superstar that you are, just like me.'

Work has taken a toll on you recently, but you are so happy that the days are getting longer with every passing day. It's not that you dislike the winter, but your gorgeous mane looks so frizzy in such weather. Now, no one wants to admit it, especially Leos with all their pride, but you know your hair could look better, so make that hair appointment and follow through with some new health regimens you have been wanting to try, your tummy will thank you. You don't like to let your people know that you worry, instead you like to show the world you got it all under control, even if you don't, but you are more fragile than most people know. And as a leader, face the facts, it's not summer yet, so wear gloves to protect your paws and that new manicure while smiling to yourself that your toes are hiding a gorgeous hot pink nail color that only your lover will see tonight. Now that you are starting to feel warm, warm that sweetie of yours up to one of those new restaurants you have been wanting to try and they will thank you extra to your outgoingness that they will be happier with you than usual.

Work is a lot easier now, but something is still itching you inside. When you have the chance, seek out some interesting new ideas and research their viability on the net before telling your boss about them, make yourself sound like an expert after all the knowledge you learned, and you will stay safe with the next layoff that just might happen. But there are no layoffs in your love life this month - oh meow! You are hotter than usual, so take precautions, make them where their umm 'booties', so then everyone stays healthy if you are branching into new untried territory. If you are already hooked up with someone extra special, remind them just how extra special they really are and you will be rewarded in ways you never thought possible. Do not be afraid to try something new this month - for this is the month for all things new as Spring steps up to the plate.

Now that you got the attention of that new person in your life, do not get bored. You are one of those people who like and needs constant change and new things. Relish in this, and allow the new person to see this amazing side to you! Let them see your inner side and you just might be surprised that they absolutely love it and couldn't be crazier about you than before. Whew - who knew it was this easy to find a true soul mate? Now that Spring is right around the corner, go through your wardrobe and edit out any items that no longer flatter the beauty in you. Donate the clothes and you will feel more generous with your soul. Allow your new person to cook a dish for you that you never tried, you again might find yet something else new about yourself - that you adore artichokes - who knew!?!

With your friends playing such a big role in last month, this month you might just find yourself trying to stay just a little more in bed so that you can tackle work headstrong and with great strength. It's not that you are worried about your job, but recently you are more sensitive to the people around you at work and that is a good thing, a really good thing. Your leadership skills can really help you and others since you are such a life-saver this month and this includes your household people too. You will feel energized to clean out the closets that haven't seen fresh air, so as soon as a warm day hits, definitely open up the windows, burn some incense and tackle each drawer and hanger in that over-stuffed closet and see if you need this item anymore - if not - out it goes, like anything else in your life. Because as soon as March ends, you will be back outside skipping along to new tunes you have discovered by accidentally picking up your friends i-Pod versus yours. You will be smiling more than ever - and for now, that smile is putting smiles on other faces too! Keep up the great work, it shows.

You are still on a good high from all the attention from February you almost do not wish for March to start. But thankfully, to the planets in alignment, your energies are still strong. This is a good thing, as children will play an active role due to their getting a bit winter-bound and having a bit of cabin fever. Tell them to relax and let them know you have it too - so what are you waiting for, run out and make that last snow man while you can and put sunglasses on him. This month is all about creating new memories with your family and friends. These new activities will create a platform for you to start a fresh exercise regimen that the whole family can enjoy. A family that exercises together is a family that stays together all happy and relaxed. Do also take stock of what's in your kitchen cabinets, throw out any old food, since April is going to be the right time to start that new diet you have been wanting to try and it will also be the right time to have the diet stick.

Lastly, to Everyone: Have fun everyone this month, the New Moon is on March 7th, so take note of that and for anything new you might want to do with your life, since after the new moon is when you should schedule job interviews, start a new job, ask for that raise, start the diet, etc. Though this month I would actually not ask for a raise due to the economy woes, but be gracious that you actually have a job. In fact, be Divaliscious, and see if you can donate clothes, food or your time to anyone in need this month and you will end the month on a good note!

Leah Quinn is a writer specializing on food, health and entertainment and is a multi-media artist living in New York. Feel free to check out her other articles at http://divaliscious.blogspot.com, http://leahs-funny-rants.blogspot.com, and http://dinner-and-jam.blogspot.com

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