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Daily Astrology for the Week of March 3-9, 2008

By Janet Sparrow Moon

Mon 3/3/08 Blue Monday

This could be one of those "blue" Mondays. The moon is going to be void of course until 11:24 PM eastern time (8:24 PM pacific). The whole day is going to be quiet, and little will get accomplished. Today will also be Mars' last day in Gemini, so we may find our energy is scattered. Routine chores will go fine, and doing what the Moon does best, reflecting, will be the tone for the day. We may want to spend a little time going over the budget or perhaps reflecting upon our relationships. Once the Moon enters Aquarius tonight, things will pick up a bit.

Tue 3/4/08 Ready for Something Different

We will be ready for something different today under the Aquarius Moon, and we may want to focus some of our energy into our homes. Throw away the schedules today, because things will probably change. It will be a great day for friends and debates.

Wed 3/5/08 Busy Day - Quiet Night

We could be ready to talk this morning (early morning west coast), but think before you speak. There may also be some very unusual conversations about. Our moods may turn to beauty this afternoon (late morning west coast), or we may get interrupted at work by a loved one. Later this afternoon (early afternoon west coast) our intuitions will be strong, and so will our sympathy. It would be a great time to have an intimate conversation. The Moon will go void of course at 4:46 PM eastern time (1:46 PM pacific), and that will be it for the rest of the day. We may not feel like talking much the rest of the day, and we may want to just take a hard look at some of our goals and dreams.

Thu 3/6/08 Promises, Dreams, Romance, and Change

Some of us will be very sensitive today under the Pisces Moon, and optimism will abound. Today will be a great day to make some promises and fulfill some dreams, and romance and creativity will be strong. We may also be feeling a bit restless and a desire to change something in our lives. Some of us may have to pick a fight to make some of those changes. The eastern US should awaken with a lot of energy, and our feelings will be intense. Those on the west coast may experience some enlightening dreams early this morning. We may experience some emotional abuse or some emotional coldness early this afternoon (mid to late morning west coast), but we should be able to bounce back pretty quickly. It would be an excellent night for a psychic reading.

Fri 3/7/08 Focus on Work and Creative Reading

We may be feeling a bit edgy this morning, but by mid morning (early morning west coast) our optimism will return. It will be a good day to keep our minds on our work, and we may find some new "discoveries." Many of us may be in the mood to search out some new technology, and we may want to "hang" with friends. There may be a problem with someone of the opposite sex around lunch time (mid morning west coast) on this Pisces New Moon, and we may find ourselves dealing with a hysterical female just a couple hours later. The moon will go void of course (again this week) at 2:04 PM eastern time (11:04 AM pacific), and that's it for the rest of the day. It would be a great night for some creative reading.

Sat 3/8/08 Charismatic and Gullible

Those of us up early (wee hours of the morning west coast) may find that life is a bit boring, but by mid morning (early morning west coast), the Moon will enter Aries and we will be ready to begin again. But, that Aries Moon is going to be in a very bad mood until lunch time (mid morning west coast). There may be a few fights and confrontations, and by all means use caution driving during the morning commute. Some of us are going to be very charismatic today, and some of us are going to be very gullible. Think before you do something you may later regret. Set your clocks ahead tonight, daylight savings time begins tomorrow.

Sun 3/9/08 Ready to Challenge the World

Its time to get up an hour earlier, because daylight savings time starts today. And, we may wake up ready to challenge the world. Some of us may feel a little feisty and argumentative today. But, we may over do it around mid afternoon (lunch time west coast), and there is also a tendency overeat then. Even the meekest will be willing to take a stand today under the Aries Moon, just watch out for a tendency to be too impulsive and stress oriented.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading.

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