Monday, March 24, 2008

Daily Astrology for the Week of Mar. 24 - 30, 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Signs:

Mon 3/24/08 Feeling Passionate and Creative

Its going to be a very pleasant week, and today is the beginning of that event. Many of us will be feeling very creative, and it will be an excellent time for writing and public speaking. It will also be a nice day for short trips. We may discover something beautiful along the way. Passion will be strong early this afternoon (late morning west coast), and we will be sensitive to others feelings. It will be a great night for intimacy and bonding with loved ones.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: Mercury Conjunct Venus

Tue 3/25/08 Chipper Morning Leading to Quiet Night

People should be feeling pretty chipper this morning, and most will be cheerful and cooperative. We may also be in the mood for something different, and we will find that we can get others to listen to our messages more easily through early afternoon (late morning west coast). Some of us may become more suspicious and begin to brood later this afternoon and this evening (through early evening west coast), and it will only be our own imaginings that are haunting us. The rest of the night will be less emotional, and we may finally figure out an answer to a problem that has been bothering us.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: None

Wed 3/26/08 Optimism and Sparkle - A Time to Laugh

We may awaken a bit foggy this morning, but by mid morning (early morning west coast) we will begin to see the sparkle in our lives. It will be an excellent day for long trips and short seminars, and optimism will be high. We may have to force ourselves to get our work done around late afternoon (early afternoon west coast), or we may be mentally beating ourselves up for past mistakes. But, the rest of the day will be a time to laugh and hopefully get outside. Those up late should find that relations with the opposite sex go well, and some of us will be in the mood for romance.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: None

Thu 3/27/08 On Top of the World and Flashes of Brilliance

Most of us will be feeling on top of the world today, and enthusiasm will be high. Many of us will take some extra time to help the less fortunate, and we will be feeling very creative and alert. There could also be some flashes of brilliance today. For those of us up late, a few problems could crop up with loved ones, and we may find ourselves dealing with a hysterical person.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Fri 3/28/08 Creative Enthusiasm toward Independent Projects

Many of us will be feeling quite cooperative this morning, but we may lose our contact with others by mid morning (early morning west coast). It will be a very creative and enthusiastic day, but we may prefer to express that enthusiasm independently, rather that with the group. It will be an excellent day for creative projects, and some of us may want to lock ourselves up in the craft room and not come out. We will be ready to start the cleanup late tonight (late evening west coast). We may discover today that we are more creative than we thought we were.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: Venus Sextile Jupiter, Venus Conjunct Uranus, Jupiter Sextile Uranus

Sat 3/29/08 Organize and Restructure, but Use Restraint

We will be ready to organize and restructure our lives today under the Capricorn Moon, and we may start as soon as we leave the bed this morning. Many of us will be quick to act, but we may be making mistakes. Take time your time and think today, or you may end up in the emergency room at the hospital. There could be some problems with the opposite sex late this afternoon and early evening (mid afternoon west coast), and there could also be some fights. It will be a good night to get things done, as long as we practice a little restraint.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: None

Sun 3/30/08 Get Serious Work Done, but a Tendency to Act Too Quickly

Its going to be another good day to get some serious work done, but we have to guard against acting too quickly, just like yesterday. Many of us will be feeling very optimistic early this afternoon (late morning west coast), but watch out for the munchies or we may eat too much. People will be polite and cooperative early this evening (mid afternoon west coast), and we may have a few new ideas late tonight.

Major Planetary Aspects Today: Sun Square Mars

Author Info:Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading.

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