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Astrology Forecast for March 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

After all the changes we have been through the past few weeks with Mars turning direct, Mercury's retrograde, a solar eclipse, and a total lunar eclipse, March will be a time to coast and enjoy all the new things in our lives. Jupiter will be moving to sextile Uranus this month, and that may inspire us to work harder or even volunteer to help others. It will definitely encourage us to reconsider what it is we value.

March will begin very quietly with no major aspects for the first 5 days. Around Wednesday, March 5th, we will be feeling the influence of the Sun introducing the Jupiter and Uranus duet. That will bring optimism and charisma to many of us through the end of the week. But, at the same time Mars will be debating with Pluto, and that can mean fights. Pluto can bring out the criminal, but with both planets at 0 degrees, it will probably bring out the hero too. Just remember you are not Super Man (or Super Woman), so think before you go on the offense or the defense. Mercury and Neptune will also be at an opposition on Sunday, March 9th, so guard against drinking too much over the weekend. You don't want to be a drunken hero.

The blessings will begin as Venus enters Pisces on March 12th with Mercury right behind her. And, dear Pluto, will be winking at them from across the zodiac as they begin their new adventure. And, the blessings are going to continue for the next 6 days. Venus, Mercury, and Pluto will encourage us to take a more spiritual look at ourselves and our environments. We may find a renewed connection with our Higher Power. Also Mars and Saturn will be shaking hands, and that will bring stamina, determination, and even tempers through Saturday, March 15th.

First Venus and then Mercury will move to compliment Mars-Saturn duet from Saturday through Tuesday, March 18th. This could bring a few minor problems with authority figures (including Dad), or we may find ourselves dealing with financial restrictions or verbal abuse. But, we are also going to feel very strong and capable and we will ready to put some of our beliefs into action.

Pluto will be at a square to the Full Moon on Good Friday, March 21st, and we will probably begin to feel it by Wednesday, March 19th. Squares are "bad," and the Full Moon has a tendency to cause some of us to go a bit out of balance anyway. There could be a lot of jealousy and arguments erupting, and with the Full Moon in Libra, and it will probably hit our relationships. Be gentle, be kind, and think before you act.

We will be much more pleasant on Easter Sunday with Mercury and Venus holding hands through Monday, and as we move to the end of the week Jupiter and Uranus will hit the peak of their connection with Mercury and Venus there to accompany them. The artistic impulses will abound, and we will be inspired to communicate and celebrate our differences all the way through Friday, March 28th.

The weekend of March 29th could leave us feeling a little crabby, and there could be some fights with the Sun and Mars in conflict. But, the last day of the month, Monday, March 31st, could leave us with a new perspective and a new attitude.

April 2008 looks much more exciting, so enjoy the peace that March will generate. The arguments and conflicts will return next month.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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