Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Astrology for February 11-17, 2008

General Tendencies for All Sun Signs
By Janet Moon

Mon 2/11/08 Creative Projects

We may be feeling rather feisty today, and we won't be afraid to take a stand. It will be a great time to start some new projects. Work will go really well this afternoon (late morning through early afternoon west coast), and our creativity will be very high. We may have to deal with a money problem or some hurt feelings late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast), and things could get a little stressful. Guard against being too impulsive (think before you act). The Moon will go void of course at 8 PM Eastern time (5 PM Pacific), and we probably won't feel like doing much after that. It will be a good night for quiet reflection.

Tue 2/12/08 Slow Down and Appreciate the Beauty of Life

We will be ready to slow down and enjoy life today under the Taurus Moon. We won't be in any hurry, and patience will be strong, especially mid afternoon (around noon west coast). We should be feeling very solid and secure, and ready to appreciate the beauty of life. There may be an emotional upset tonight (this evening west coast), and we may find ourselves worrying too much. Those of us up late should find that our optimism returns.

Wed 2/13/08 Happy to Be Alive - Finish Projects

Many of us will be happy to be alive today and ready to see the beauty in our lives. Our energy will be strong and focused, and we will be ready to finish up some projects. We could have some very original ideas mid morning (early morning west coast), but our creativity may take a dive late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast). Our judgments could be off this evening (late afternoon west coast), and there may be a conflict with the opposite sex tonight (this evening west coast). But, all will be forgiven for those of us up late.

Thu 2/14/08 A Very Sexy Valentine's Day

We could be a little restless today under the Gemini Moon, and we may be in the mood for 2 of everything. Our energy will be strong and focused, and it will be a great day to get out and meet people. Its going to be a very sexy Valentine's Day, and many will be feeling rather frisky. A few of the workaholics amongst us may have a tendency to over do it, and some of us will have to tell them when its time to stop for the day. Short trips and conversations will go well tonight. Happy Valentine's Day!

Fri 2/15/08 Short Trips, Phone Calls, Instant Messages, and E-mail

The Gemini Moon will bless communication and short trips today, so make those calls and run those errands. But, we need to be sure to follow our "to do" lists, because there is also a tendency to become too scattered. We may find ourselves dealing someone's erratic or eccentric behavior late this morning (mid morning west coast), but tonight (this evening west coast) me may find ourselves in some very intimate conversations. There could be some arguments for those of us up late.

Sat 2/16/08 Family and Home

The Moon will be void of course until 10:12 AM Eastern time (7:12 AM Pacific), so we may not feel much like talking at breakfast. After that the Moon will enter Cancer, and home and family could be on our minds. We may find that we have to change a few plans late this morning (mid morning west coast), and a few of us may actually become heroes (possibly rescuing family members). It will be a good day for "putting" around the house and enjoying time with family and close friends. We will be ready to listen and to help others this evening (early evening west coast).

Sun 2/17/08 Socialize -- Get Out and Visit or Invite Friends In

We may feel like getting out and visiting friends today, or we may feeling like inviting friends into our home. It would be an excellent day to cook up something different, but beware of overeating, especially at breakfast. Discussions with others may come up with some new ideas late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast), but we may not feel like talking at all the rest of the day. Mercury will be at direct station tomorrow, so there will also be a tendency for communication problems and travel delays this evening. It will be a great night for routine chores, or just watching TV with the family.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading. Article Source: Janet Moon

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