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Daily Astrology for February 4 -10, 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

Monday: 2/4/08 Busy and Creative Morning - Quiet Evening
The day could start out rather busy, and we may be in the mood to do some redecorating early this morning (wee hours of the morning west coast). We may be feeling exceptionally creative late morning into early afternoon (mid morning west coast), but we need to get important projects done early. By mid afternoon (early afternoon west coast) we may lose our focus and not feel like doing much. The rest of the day will be quiet and probably uneventful.

Tuesay: 2/5/08 Settling Disputes and Finding Shortcuts
The Moon will be void of course until 2:10 PM eastern time (11:10 AM pacific), so we probably won't feel very motivated this morning. It will be a good time for routine chores, but save any major decisions until this afternoon. We will be ready for something new when the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, and our thoughts will be peaceful. We may finally settle a dispute today. It will also be a good afternoon and evening for short trips, and we may find a shortcut. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wednesday: 2/6/08 New Moon Solar Eclipse - Time for New Beginnings
The Eclipse will be at 10:55 PM EST at 17 degrees 44 minutes Aquarius on this Ash Wednesday. It will be view able mostly from Antarctica and southern Australia, so that leaves most of us out. But, we will still feel it! A solar eclipse is about 10 times more powerful that a typical New Moon, and New Moons are for new beginnings. So write that wish list, you just may be surprised how much will manifest. Mercury will also be conjunct the Sun and the Moon today, and that will keep our minds sharp and logical. It will be a great day for discussions.

Thursday: 2/7/08 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rat
Happy New Year, everyone, and after yesterday's eclipse, we may be feeling like we are at a new beginning. It will be a busy morning, but things may not stay on schedule. But, by late morning (mid morning west coast) we may lose our ambition. It should be a quiet afternoon, but we will become more aware of our feelings late this evening (early evening west coast). It will be a great night for intimate conversations, and calling your favorite psychic.

Friday: 2/8/08 Sensitive Feelings and Spiritual Connections
We could be dealing with some emotional abuse (or self-abuse) this morning (early morning west coast). Be gentle with yourself and get an early start, because there may be some extra traffic or delays this morning. We may be feeling rather sensitive today, and some of us may want to "numb" those feelings. Guard against addictions. On the other hand, it will be an excellent day to get people to listen to us and to help us if we need, especially late this afternoon (mid afternoon west coast). It will be an excellent night for prayer, meditation, and connecting with our higher purpose.

Saturday: 2/9/08 Sensitive and Possibly Tense Day with a Quiet Night
The family should be very cooperative this morning, and we may be seeing the beauty in everything. It will be another creative yet sensitive day, and things may get very tense late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast). Things should quiet down this evening, and we may want to send some time alone.

Sunday: 2/10/08 Active and Creative Day
We will be ready to start something new today, and some of us will even be a bit feisty. Its going to be a very active and creative day, but some of us may over do it this evening (early evening west coast). Watch out especially for food addiction, or you may overeat at dinner. Our minds could be racing tonight, and we may find it difficult to sleep.

About the Author:
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