Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daily Astrology for February 18-24, 2008

By Janet Moon

General Tendencies for All Sun Signs

Mon 2/18/08 Mercury at Direct Station - Communication Problems

We may feel a little out of focus this morning, but by early afternoon (late morning west coast) we will be ready to play under the Leo Moon. Mercury at direct station today can cause some transportation and communication problems, and we may not be paying close attention to what we are doing. There could be some drama to deal with today, especially late afternoon (early afternoon west coast), but the evening will be great to take in a show (or maybe just rent a movie). Happy Presidents' Day.

Tue 2/19/08 Creative Changes and Group Projects

Its going to be a great day for creative changes, and group projects will go well. We may find a renewed compassion for the less fortunate, or perhaps a deeper understanding of ourselves. Many of us will be wanting to be recognized, applauded, and appreciated today under the Leo (almost full) Moon, so take a moment and extend a compliment to someone. It could be a very romantic night.

Wed 2/20/08 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

It could be a very creative and energetic morning, but by early afternoon (mid morning west coast) we may lose our interest as the moon goes void of course. The Moon will enter meticulous Virgo early this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we will be ready to get down to the details of any project. Our feelings could be amplified this evening (late afternoon west coast), and we may find a little romance brewing under the Full Moon. The eclipse will be at 10:26 PM EST, and many of us will be able to watch it. This eclipse being in Virgo and Pisces may stimulate us to contemplate what is really important in life. It may motivate us to make a few changes this week.

Thu 2/21/08 Clean, Scour, Sort, and Troubleshoot

We may be in the mood to clean, scour, sort, and troubleshoot today, and some of us won't be able to shut-up. Just think before you speak, because some of us will be overly critical. We may also be a bit more heath conscious today, and it would be an excellent day to pay more attention to our diets and schedules. Optimism will be strong tonight (this evening west coast) and we may be ready to put some of our ideas into action.

Fri 2/22/08 Working Too Much

Its going to be another busy day, just watch out for workaholism. Some of us will be so involved in our projects we may neglect ourselves and our loved ones. It will also be a good day for short trips and catching up on communications. The phone may be ringing more than usual. We may over do it and find ourselves crashing tonight (this evening west coast). After that we will probably be ready for bed, or at least a quiet night.

Sat 2/23/08 Work and Responsibilities Piling Up

All the work we have been doing the past 2 days may have not been enough, and we find responsibilities piling up. But, we are going to want a break, and we are going to need some rest and relaxation. Take another look at that "to do list," and see what can be postponed. And, the things that can't be postponed, we will have to push ourselves to do. Its going to be a nice day for social events under the Libra Moon, and people will be kind and polite for the most part. We may want to spend some time with loved ones or doing some redecorating late this afternoon (early afternoon west coast). We will be ready for discussions tonight (this evening west coast).

Sun 2/24/08 Thoughts of Beauty, but Duty Calls

We could be feeling a bit uneasy early this morning, and some of us may turn to food for comfort. Our minds will turn to beauty today, but our duties could interrupt our desires. It will be a great day to work on creative projects and to spend time with friends. There could be some special romance tonight (this evening west coast), or we may find ourselves in some friendly, idealistic discussions.

About the Author- Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to order a personal reading.

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