Sunday, February 24, 2008

Daily Astrology for Feb. 25 - March 2, 2008

By Janet Moon

Mon 2/25/08 Feeling Creative and Deep Emotions Surfacing

For those of us up very early, we could find that we are ready for action, but at 8:35 AM eastern time (5:35 AM pacific) the moon will go void of course. And, we may lose our ambition until after lunch (mid morning west coast). We may find ourselves thinking about beauty today, especially mid afternoon (late morning west coast), and we will be feeling rather creative. Emotions could run deep this evening, and some of us may find ourselves obsessing a bit. We should find ourselves calming down tonight, if we want to.

Tue 2/26/08 New Approach to Old Projects

Today could be a very creative day with Venus and Mercury conjunct in Aquarius. We may find we have a new approach to old projects, and a few brilliant ideas may surface. But, some of us may be feeling rather crabby late this morning (early morning west coast). Luckily, by lunch time (mid morning west coast) most of the whining will be over. It will be another sensitive day. But, our instincts about others will be correct, and we may solve a mystery. People should be cheery this evening, and we may want to get out and do something.

Wed 2/27/08 Keep Expectations Low and Postpone Major Decisions

We may find that our judgments are poor this morning, and some of us will be hanging out daydreaming. Then at 9:53 AM eastern time (6:53 AM pacific) the Moon will go void of course and stay that way the rest of the day. We should keep our expectations low today, and save any major decisions until tomorrow. It will be a good day for routine chores, and it will be a good day for doing what the Moon does best, reflecting. Take a look at your schedule, your goals, your budget, your love life, etc., and think about what you want to change.

Thu 2/28/08 A Great Day to be Alive

We will wake up feeling bright and sparkly, and ready to conquer the universe, and our mood should continue all day under the Sagittarius Moon. We may even find that we get some serious work done late this morning (mid morning west coast). Most people will be feeling very optimistic and travel will go very well. Just watch out for going to excess or wasting things. There could be a few problems with the opposite sex tonight (this evening west coast), but all and all, and great day to be alive.

Fri 2/29/08 A Very Happy and Optimistic Leap Day

A happy Leap Day to all, and a happy day it will be. Those of us up early will be polite and courteous (even the kids), and we may want to make sure our appearance is up to par before we leave for work. People will be feeling optimistic, and it will be a great day for travel and education (even if we just watch something interesting on the History or Travel Channels). There could be some shocking situations especially with females around mid afternoon (late morning west coast), but the rest of the day (and the month) will be smooth sailing. Life is good!

Sat 3/1/08 Accidents and Arguments Early, but Serious Work Tonight

We may start the day just wanting to have some fun, but use caution. There could be some arguments and accidents around late morning through mid afternoon (mid morning through lunch time west coast). By late afternoon (early afternoon west coast) we will be a little more focused and ready to pay attention. We may feel like doing some serious work this evening (this afternoon west coast) and our stamina will last well into the night.

Sun 3/2/08 Get Some Work Done

We may be feeling very practical, organized, and businesslike today under the Capricorn Moon. It will be a great day to get some work done, and people will be cooperative this afternoon (late morning west coast). We may find ourselves going overboard this evening (late afternoon west coast), and some of us may get our feelings hurt. Take time to think before you start to criticize. Those of us up late may get a second wind, and we may stay up too late.

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