Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Sun in Sagittarius 2007 Forecast

By Sharita Star
Website: www.sharitastar.com

As Autumn now prepares to change over to winter, our Sun now moves into the ever-questing sign of Sagittarius. Governed by Jupiter, the largest planet, this mutable fire sign seeks expansion as they do things throughout the life in a big way. Consciously aiming for wisdom, they are appropriately characterized by their symbol the Archer.

With generosity marking their every move, these communicators are limitless to where their typically optimistic natures can take them. Sagittarians are known to be concerned with the sense of body, mind and spirit. These superb multi-taskers are more than capable of being diffused in many directions, with illumination being their ultimate goal.

Jupiter's influence allows the Sagittarius native to remain the curious constant student- always willing to learn and absorb. Their strong sense of perspective allows our Archers to be keen at exploration, propaganda, prompt reactions, and aspiration. Sagittarians engage intriguing conversations, always eager to explain their wise philosophies.

The Sagittarian nature is honest, impulsive, speculative, jovial, versatile and alert. At worst they can exhibit behavior that is blunt, transparent, flighty, wasteful, careless, over-confident, boisterous, and seems superficial. By cultivating restraint, sincerity, fixity of purpose, and thought for others, they can reap success in multitude of ways as they spread their sagely knowledge to others.

Sagittarius is showing up just in time to be thankful for the blessings and goodness in our lives here in the United States, as we collectively follow one Sagittarian trait of eating BIG! It is no surprise we celebrate our nations' day of gratitude under the sign that loves to indulge, as those waistlines expand. The most abundant shopping day of the year that follows grants us the complete permission to shop until we drop!

Jupiter's current transit movement into Capricorn this month blesses these Sun Sign natives for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter takes approximately one year to pass through the degrees of each of the 12 zodiac signs. Considered the planet of luck and good fortune, the house Capricorn energy rules in the individual birth chart is the area of life one will see an extra boost over this year-long transit. Those with Jupiter natively in Capricorn in the birth chart also will be in a "Jupiter Return" which also indicates a period full of optimism, expansion and positive renewals to be seen in the life.

Our planet of karmic justice and discipline Saturn goes into Retrograde on December 19th, and during this 1st retrograde period in Virgo, the collective is asked to further reflect upon common sense and analytical power. On an individual level, the house where Virgo rules in the birth chart is where reflection is requested, likewise for those experiencing a Virgo Saturn Return and for Virgo Sun Sign natives. Naturally, like hibernation, our winter months are best spent in a restful regenerative mode. Saturn goes Direct under a Taurus Sun upon May 2nd, 2008, when we'll find our selves in rebirth once again in the season of Spring.

Remembering the motto, "'Tis better to give than to receive," may the diversity, generosity and optimism of the holiday season bless you and yours.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. She is available for all levels of astrological, numerical and lexigram analysis through readings and party services, available at: http://www.sharitastar.com She resides in New York City and currently is working on her first book.

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