Thursday, November 01, 2007

Astrology Forecast for November 2007

By Janet Moon

We will see plenty of ups and downs this month, but most will be minor events. Mars will be turning retrograde on November 15, and we may feel our energy is depleted for a few days before and after his retrograde station. But, for the most part, any difficulties we encounter this month will be short-lived.

November begins with Mercury changing from a backwards to a forwards motion (direct station), so the first couple days of the month may bring some communication or transportation problems. Be prepared for detours and misunderstandings, especially on the internet. By Friday, November 2, we will be feeling the affects of the Sun and Mars dancing together. This will bring a new vitality through the weekend, and under the influence of the Virgo Moon we may be ready to do some cleaning and organizing.

The week of November 5 begins with Venus and Pluto very upset with one another, and this means relationship or money problems, and probably some jealousy or fear to top it off. We may see some last minute "mud slinging" for election day on November 6. But, by midweek, the Sun, Uranus, and Mars will be at a loose grand trine, Mercury will be winking at Pluto, and Venus will be entering her home sign of Libra. This is going to bring sudden bursts of energy, new ideas, and social politeness. We may find ourselves attracted to technology, and some of us may decide to buy a new computer or perhaps just expand our present computer system. We will probably want to try something different, and we may experience a few brilliant moments through the New Moon on November 9.

We may find ourselves feeling overly sensitive for the weekend of November 10 with Mercury entering Scorpio. The Sun and Neptune will also be arguing, and this may provoke us to turn to our addictions for comfort. The Moon will enter Sagittarius on Saturday evening, encouraging optimism, so we may just decide to get drunk and laugh. If we can stay sober this weekend, it could be a good time for creative projects.

The week of November 12 should begin with the regular routine and we will not have any planetary influences until Thursday, November 15 with Mars at retrograde station. Things will flow expectedly until about Wednesday, and then we may notice that our energy is low (libidos may also be a bit low). Mercury will also be winking at Saturn, which will help to increase our patience and stamina through Friday, November 16.

The weekend of November 17 could be a rather quiet weekend, but our sensitivity may increase on Sunday. Also guard against extravagance, especially if you decide to do some early holiday shopping, or you may max out your credit card. Better save as much energy as possible, because we are going to have a busy week ahead.

Mars will be dealing with upsets from Venus, but cooperation from Mercury on Monday, November 18. This could bring another day of extravagance, and some could be overly flirtatious or just inconsistent with their behavior. But, our minds will also be quick-witted and confident, so we may be able to think before we act. Midweek will bring Mercury and Uranus singing a duet, compelling unique conversations and a greater interest in science and technology. The Sun will enter Sagittarius and the Moon will enter Taurus on Thanksgiving, November 22. This may encourage us to really take some time and think, and be thankful for what we do have.

The weekend of November 23 could bring some upsets and confusion with Uranus at direct station and Mercury fighting with Neptune. Be ready for a change in plans, and definitely drive defensively this weekend. Some of us will be overindulging in euphoric substances. There is also plenty of potential for pleasant situations and social events on Sunday with Venus, Neptune, and the Moon at a grand trine. And, Venus and Neptune will continue this melody through Monday, November 26. We may be ready to do some redecorating, or maybe just some daydreaming. It will definitely be an excellent Monday.

Our energy may be low, or we may find ourselves dealing with some financial losses as we approach the end of the month. But hang in there, because Mercury will enter Sagittarius on the first of December ushering in a new optimism and renewing our energy.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast.

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