Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Astrology Forecast for October 2007

By Janet Moon

The stars are going to be in a very nice mood this month, especially compared to all the hell with the eclipses and the T-square between Pluto, Mars, and the Sun in September. Yes, we have Mercury's retrograde this month, and Jupiter and Uranus will be fighting early in the month. But, most of October, the stars will be singing melodies of praise and cooperation.

The month will begin with an air of romance with Venus and Pluto dancing together. The atmosphere will continue through the last day of Sukkot, October 3. It will be a time for friends, happiness, and a little drama.

We will be feeling Mars energy by Friday, October 6, as he and Saturn form a cooperation. We should find it easy to get work done. The Sun and Jupiter will begin sending us big dreams and optimistic attitudes by Saturday, October 7. And, some of us may be feeling the oppression of others this weekend as Jupiter and Uranus hit the peak of their battle. We may find ourselves in zesty pursuit of unrealistic tangents through Wednesday, October 10. Our ideas will be noble, our dreams will be big, but we could be going very smoothly in the wrong direction. Just stay grounded, and you may accomplish more than you anticipate.

The New Moon will be in relationship loving Libra on October 11, and at the stroke of midnight (eastern time) October 12, Mercury will be at retrograde station. The new moon would be an excellent day to say a prayer, write your wish list, or cast a spell for the return of old friends or lovers. The Sun and Neptune will also be singing in harmony for Mercury's retrograde station, bringing a clearer connection to the divine.

We enter the weekend of October 13 with the end of Ramadan, and Venus and Saturn bringing a new seriousness to our relationships. We may also decide to do some reorganizing and redecorating this weekend.

The week of October 15 is going to be sweet! There are going to be a lot of opportunities, but they will require some work on our part. If we choose to do nothing this week, we may let the blessings fly on by. Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn will be generating energy, cooperation, and lots of communication through Wednesday, October 17. It will be an excellent time for group projects, and an excellent time for sales. People will be ready to hear what you've got to say. As we approach the end of the week, Mercury will be winking at Saturn increasing patience, and the Sun and Pluto will be holding hands, opening our minds to creative changes.

The Sun will enter Scorpio on Tuesday, October 23, and conjunct Mercury in retrograde as they pass going in opposite directions. We may find ourselves ready for some changes around that time, or we may find ourselves going through changes, ready or not. Then for the next few days, Venus and Uranus will be out of balance, Mercury and Pluto will bring a new understanding, and the Moon and the Sun will hit their monthly opposition (the Full Moon). We could be dealing with some impulsive people and moods could change quickly, but keep talking. Our words will have a little extra power through October 26.

The weekend of October 27 could bring some mystical inspiration with Jupiter and Neptune, two slow outer planets, coming to the peak of their ensemble. Venus and Jupiter will be at negative aspects, and this may make some overly sensitive, or we may find ourselves dealing with a personal upset. But, the Sun and Saturn will be working together helping to keep us calm and patient through Monday, October 29. It could be an excellent weekend for travel, and business will flow smoothly.

Neptune will be at his direct station on Halloween, October 31, and we may not be seeing things realistically. Some may choose to overindulge in addictions on this unofficial holiday. Mercury will be at his direct station on November 1, so there could be miscommunications, and travel problems for the trick-or-treating event.

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