Friday, August 24, 2007

August Astrology Calendar

From Bob Makransky's Magical Almanac Newsletter

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Aug 6th: 9 SG 56 - Jupiter Stationary Direct – this may bring an opportunity to lighten up, join together with others, and take a detached, generous, and conciliatory overview.
Aug 12th: LEO New Moon at 19.51 Leo.
Aug 13th: 20 LE/AQ 38 - Sun opposition Neptune – there may be some deception going on; be careful not to deceive yourself. It's easy to fall for delusions now; you have to take responsibility, not pursue fantasies or will-o-the-wisps.
Aug 13th: 27 LE 29 - Venus conjunct Saturn – tact and discretion are needed in addressing the feelings of a friend or family member, or else feelings may be hurt on both sides; however, firmness is required. This is a good day to stand up for your own feelings, or to break things off if necessary. To do a "scat" ritual, use a Saturn hour. Light a dark purple candle; imagine taking your erstwhile lover's hands in both of your own; look him or her squarely in the eye; and say in your own words and using your own sentiments, "It's had it's good times, hasn't it? But now it's time we each went our own way." Then wishing him or her the best of luck in their future journey, turn around, wipe your hands of it, and walk away).
Aug 14th: 20 LE/AQ 36 - Mercury opposition Neptune – you shouldn't believe everything you hear now, especially not rumors; nor should you act until you have all the facts.
Aug 14th: 22 LE 37 - Sun Superior Conjunction Mercury – New information comes to light which gives you a surge of confidence and self-certainty; a burst of insight or understanding. A good day to schedule meetings to reach decisions (use a sun hour) or communicate your feelings and ideas to others (use a Mercury hour).
Aug 15th: 25 LE 25 - Mercury conjunct Venus – Get things straight with a loved one or friend (Venus hour), clear up misunderstandings (Mercury hour), good day for dating, travel, recitals, art exhibits, parties. Plan to enjoy yourself.
Aug 17th: 24 LE 51 - Sun Inferior Conjunction Venus – A surprising event which powerfully engages your feelings. Can be very poignant. It can be positive or negative: sweeps you off your feet or knocks you off your pins; but in either case it opens new possibilities and points you in a new emotional direction. You get to the root of how you are really feeling in relationship; stand up for yourself, reach out to make your own desires come true. Venus hours are good times to make prayers or cast spells for love or harmony.
Aug 18th: 28 LE 06 - Mercury conjunct Saturn – there is a call for sobriety and serious-mindedness. You may need patience in dealing with others, but you can understand their viewpoints objectively and are called upon to facilitate or teach.
Aug 21st: 28 LE 32 - Sun conjunction Saturn – You may come eyeball-to-eyeball with someone or have to take the bull by the horns in a difficult situation. You must be decisive and unflinching without being oppressive yourself. Act during sun hours if possible.
Aug 23rd: 10 GE/SG 21 - Mars opposition Jupiter – Be careful of overoptimism or overreaching these few days; avoid investing/lending/borrowing money or launching new projects because your enthusiastic illusions can lead you astray. Be suspicious rather than trusting; watch your temper.
Aug 25th: 20 LE/AQ 18 - Venus opposition Neptune – expectations of others are likely to be disappointed now. Try to be aloof and unconcerned (rather than to indulge your worry and fear) since things aren't as bad as you might think.
Aug 28th: 4 PI 46 - Full moon, lunar eclipse
Aug 28th: 17 VI/PI 11 - Mercury opposition Uranus – there may be some tension or conflict based on misunderstandings or differing interpretations. Best just to cool it now rather than try to impose your own viewpoint on others.

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